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    Do you think the world is becoming more wiser or more foolish as time passing decade after decade?

    Have advances in science and technology changed the individual and society at large to such an extent that we have become wiser? Or is it that we are leaning towards foolishness?! An interesting thought to discuss.

    As the world is evolving decade after decade, so many changes are taking place around the world as well as in all aspects of human beings ourselves. Some of these changes occurring in our environment as well as in humans are both positive and negative. Science is doing so many wonders in making human life more comfortable than ever at present. Because of the advancement in Science, people have to work less than what our forefathers, who had to struggle to fulfil their requirements. People commonly say because of these advancements people are facing many problems. Then, in your opinion, do you think the world is becoming wiser or more foolish with the time-lapse of decades?
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    Wisdom and foolishness both are human qualities and nobody is deprived of both qualities. I m very candidly saying It, first, every one of us is a fool -in the beginning, then we become wise when we grow up but this foolishness never leaves us. An interesting point is that we never think that we may be stupid as well. The World is because of us and us as a whole are the part If this vast world society.
    The author has given the example of scientific advancement in all fields, especially, that scientific inventions have made our lives more comfortable. Is it really wisdom or stupidity? I think it's stupidity. I would like to remind the author about weapons of mass destructions are also gifts of scientists. Are they really boon? Certainly not. All these weapons are the result of the foolishness of scientists. All the countries are entangled in this labyrinth which keeps all in dilemma. We are not able to come out of this maze. Countries heads sit together to break their brains to decide what to do but they find themselves helpless.
    Everybody wants to see peace on this planet but how it may come is a big issue. Every useless activity is foolishness and humans have committed this act of foolishness.

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    Hi, My view is that both positive as well as negative changes takes place. As it seems we are now in the point of time where things are taking place very fast. In other words time for everything becomes short. If we compare past few hundred years of world at that time things take more time to develope now time span is short. For example traveling to one place to another place takes too much time and developing technology takes more time and so on. So yes today everyone is seeing changes very fastly and to observe them human mind also needs to be more efficient. So we can say nowadays people are becoming more wiser and at the same time committing more mistakes too. Due to that many times foolish things are also happening.

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    My appreciation to the author for starting a wonderful thread which has the reason to discuss either for or against the subject . The scientific advancement is happening in every field and the research scholars have their own target and achievements on the cards. But there is a old golden saying that if we want to achieve something we have to forgo some thing. So in the garb of new inventions and new methods to tackle anything with innovations we are becoming more wiser but at the same time also turn to be foolish as we are forgetting the past legacy and importance of the same. For example the Dosa kneeding or flour making was done manually by house holds then on the stone made thing called Kalloral in Tamil or Rubbu Rai in Telugu. And now our house holds are using the mixie and the originality taste is lost for ever.
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    This is a nice post to evoke new ideas and points in our minds. Scientific advancements have equipped us with many facilities and comforts in our life and the whole world has become like a small place connected with 24/7 communication at the strike of a finger. It is said that every advancement has its cost embedded in it and in this blind race for material and money we have completely forgotten some of the good things that our forefathers preserved and wanted us to follow. So, simply advancement in the materialistic world is not going to make us wiser because being wise requires many other traits which come with the development of our minds in the realm of certain good things that were prescribed in our culture but unfortunately today we have discarded all of them telling that were old fashioned. It is necessary to preserve some of the old things and amalgamate them with the modernity to make the life wiser and happier.
    Knowledge is power.

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    The facility given to us can be used for the betterment or the destruction. The rackets made by the scientist and engineers can be used to launch a satellite or the same can be used to drop a bomb on a particular place. The first one will be constructive and we will get benefitted with the information we are getting from these satellites. At the same time, the bombs dropped by using the same rockets will destroy the area where it has fallen. Like this, the advancements in science are capable of doing good as well as bad. So all depends on how the individual will use these advancements.
    We can't blame science and technology. But the user is responsible for this. The human being is becoming over wise and using everything for their comforts and in this pursuit, they are ignoring the adverse effect of the same and spoiling nature. So one should blame the nature of the individual but should not curse then science, I feel.

    always confident

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