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    Why politicians change sides?

    Don't dub this as another political thread. Believe me, there is no politics in it but politicians are discussed, especially their activities. All of you are aware of changing of sides by the politicians. You can say it as changing colours. Some may say there is no ethics left in Indian politics and that's why many politicians behave in such ways. I am trying to analyze it from a different way. By now, I am sure most of you understood that politics is not about serving the nation or it's people rather it's a good career option having enough perks and benefits associated with it if one can become a good leader or a minister. Employees, especially in the private sector switch their jobs because they seek greener pastures. It is applicable everywhere. People always look for better opportunities. If we think of politics as a career for politicians then why can't the politicians look for greener pastures and switch over to another political party? If politics is all about power, I don't think they require any principle or ideology. How many of you do agree with this?
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    Politics is money. It is not just a simple or ordinary money but big money in multi crores. May be 5 percent of our politicians are not interested in money but are devoted to nation and welfare of the people. Remaining 95 percent are power hungry to make money and lead a luxury life with free accommodation, food, vehicle, security, respect etc. They shift when they find green postures on the other side.
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    I can't say how many politicians are not greedy or hungry of power. Almost all politicians want power. Politics is a big business which requires huge investment as input and enormous money, in return, they get. The out out of this investment is beyond our imagination even we can't write in figures. One hundred seventy five lac crore. This figure really exists in politics? Yes, it does.
    Do you ever hear any objection from opposition parties or ruling parties members when they place their proposal or bill for increments and freebies? They are united on this issue.
    They belong to same field. They compete each other to have benefits and money as much as possible. I don't think they are wrong. I have heard about CM of Tirpura that he is the best politician but he was ousted from his office. Who voted him out?

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    Changing job from one company to another company is the choice of the individual and he is not doing service to any person. He is doing the job and getting money. But a politician is supposed to be a social worker and he is supposed to render service.
    When a person changes his job, he will lose all the benefits and other advantages that are associated with that company. Similarly, when a politician changes his party, he should also lose all. He should resign to the post of MLA or MP as applicable. But that is not happening. They are enjoying the power but changing the party. I feel it is not ethical only.
    Let him change the party, but let him also resign for the post he secured with that party flag and then contest again and win. Then we can't find fault with that politician,

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    There is no problem for the politicians in changing sides and people of this country do not mind that as everyone has to go for better career options. It is absolutely a normal thing. What pains to most of the people is the involvement of some of the politicians in frauds, corrupt practices, siphoning of Govt money, nexus with criminals, even anti-national activities, and other such mean and crooked things. This is what is stopping India in developing and though we have a potential of becoming the number one nation in the world but these people are pulling everything down with their corrupt practices.
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    ^One more point can be added that a political leader should not be allowed to change his party until he resigns from his office As Dr Rao has clarified ,reason is that people elected him because he contested from a particular political party, so most of the voters might have voted to his party which he represented in that election. So he has no right to stay on his office.
    There should be some clause on this issue in elections rules/laws.

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    Those who are the old timer leaders and has been in the party since many days need to maintain the winning spree and some times the party high command gives them the seat and some times deny them because the party wants youth to represent the area and not the aged politicians. And having peeved with such happenings the old time politician would hold negotiations with the ruling party even gets a plum post if elected. Thus the greedy to grab power and be in active politics are the main motive for many leaders and thus switch the sides with their followers and many leaders who thus shifted to others parties are the winners all the way. But there are instances when the voters have punished those leaders who shifted parties for their own gains and thus they are defeated with lots of vengeance and rejections.
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