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    How do our Indian politicians become ultra rich within no time?

    We have observed our politicians becoming ultra rich when they become a member of a political party. When they get a political post, say a Minister or MP or MLA or an important portfolio in their party, they make good money and make a wealth of multi-crores. All politicians are not less than crorepathi (100 crores). An ordinary citizen who has an earning of few hundred rupees per day, get elected, and he shows his wealth in multi crores after completing a term as MP or MLA.

    Can we discuss how the politicians make money? What are the other sources of income other than their salary? Can we identify the holes from where they get the money from?
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    A politician who is very sincere in his service can't become ultra-rich within a short span. We know about LaBahadur Shastry who was our Ex-Prime Minister. He worked as Minister in Nehru's cabinet and then became the Prime Minister also. He was not rich and he was not having even his own house at the time of his death. Those days the salaries were also very less, I suppose.
    But these days the things are different. They have to spend a lot of money to become an MP or MLA. As soon as they win the elections, they will start thinking about earning the money only. These days salaries are very high for them and perks are also very high. In addition that they will be spending crores of rupees of the government money for various works and they will try to spend less and show more expenses and the difference amount will be swallowed by them only. They indulge in all corrupt practices and help some people out of the way and will take a huge amount from those people. These corrupt practices and unethical ways of earning only can only make them so rich.

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    For those who want to make money, politics is the best profession. There is quick money in this. The Govt spends a lot of money in development, education, social welfare, infrastructure, medical etc and everywhere some tenders are floated. The administrative machinery does all those jobs and in many departments a cut is passed to the machinery by the contractor. In civil works it is said that a minimum of 10% is given as cut or percentage. In some places gold coins are taken. In other places also same thing is happening. The cut could be more if one is able to take a risk of the bridge or road getting damaged within a few months of construction. In such cases not only the contractor but he Govt officials are under surveillance. Different people have different capacities of doing corruption. Sometimes when one does beyond limit then he is caught also and kept in jail for a long time. One example is respected Laloo Prasad Yadav.

    It is not in Govt only that corruption is there. Even in private sector it is there. The Sahara chief was arrested in the big deposit scam by SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) and I do not know whether he is still there in the jail or has got bail. There are so many examples and the fact is that if you initiate enquiry against them everyone will tell that they have few hundred crores of rupees only which they had got from their ancestral agricultural income. A minister cannot have more than 2-3 crores (including cash plus property) if he is honest. I have heard that some ministers are honest like that and one of them is our present PM.

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    It's said perhaps late Rajiv Gandhi had said that the centre sent 100% amount and it reached only 15% to the people. I don't know who really said this, similar kind of statement was given. It's true. How the politicians become ultra rich within short span of time surprises the common people like us but those know about all this game they can tell it much better.
    First, their salary, perks and freebies are amounting in heap. They save all their money and people will have to bear all their expenses through taxes.
    Second, they are given package to develop their constituency, they might save large part of it in their pocket and partial amount might be spent on people.
    Third, it may be possible that they take money from businessmen for getting their work done. Electoral bond is the main source of this sort which is funded to political parties. Crores of rupees are given as donation to political parties. Loose donation might be given through them too.
    Fourth, they invest their money in business also.
    Fifth, they might earn through commission in return of working for businessmen.

    But reality is, that they can't be blamed for earning chunk of money because they spend a large amount in elections and nobody can spend huge amount if he does not get return his spent money with profit.

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    The greed for money, wealth, and material is the main reason why some people even after having sufficient money with them go for corrupt practices and accumulate a large fortune just because they are holding an important position in the Govt and can get illegal money from any business or contract. The accumulated wealth is very conspicuous but it is only after some complaint is there or the ruling Govt is not happy with that individual, the enquiry takes place and after a lot of efforts he is sent behind the bars. These people are so influential that they often get bail also and come out and then start the same thing more vehemently. They do not care for the public or system and believe that whatever they do is the system. There is no stringent law for them. They go on siphoning the Govt money and become super rich and then one day during the marriage of their children invite the whole village or town for a free dinner where variety of dishes will be there and gullible people will praise him and tell that he is very generous.
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    Politics is no longer a purely self-sacrificing social service. A politician can earn even without resorting to any illegal or immoral methods. He can earn even while doing honest and sincere political work.

    At the lower level the party worker is taken care of by the party set up or party leaders. It starts by spending for their expenses of food and travel ,occasional gifts etc. When such people rise up as booth agents,booth workers etc, they are compensated by the candidates and party. Once elected to panchayats, municipalities etc they get honorarium and other benefits. They get lifelong pension too. So it becomes a regular income.
    From then on they are called for and looked upon common people as their saviour and trouble shooters. They are called for various occasions and events and their expenses are taken care of by those organisers and beneficiaries.
    Most political leaders are accommodated in various committees, boards and what not.Common people do not know the extent and number of these. All these positions have compensation benefits. Once an MLA, or MP they are much more powerful. If power gets combined with a corrupt mind too, then there is no limit for making money. Riches come in both cash and kind and reciprocal benefits.

    Ministers and MLA,MPs can appoint political secretaries and assistants. The government pays them and give them pension and other benefits too. In one term itself there are many hundreds of such appointments. Those who did not get seats in elections, failed or old politicians are accommodated as board members and chairpersons of various corporations and new ones are created. They get compensations equal to ministers.They have say and power in appointments. Job and academics sectors has thus been totally politicised.

    It is just very common and innocent people who toil and moil for hours and years to make a small savings.
    The crowd for getting a seat in elections even when one is sure to get defeated just shows how alluring a political career is. Once entered no one likes to leave. As the saying ' anyone will lick his honeyed hand". Politics is eternal,never drying thick honey.

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    Almost 20 years ago, I watched the news of an MLA of West Bengal who resigned herself from the assembly. She looked like a very simple lady. When she was asked why she resigned after winning the election. She replied that she was not able to run her family in salary as an MLA. So she applied to get a government job and luckily she was appointed as a government employee.
    Even 20 years ago, MLA could earn a handsome amount but she was quite a rustic lady. she preferred to do a government job as a clerk instead of remaining a member of West Bengal Assembly.

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    Gone are the days when leaders like Gulzari lal Nanda, Morarji Desai , Kamaraj who led the nation with their simplicity living and they wont even campaign as their life was the open book to decide whether to elect or not. But current day politician do have the capacity to to spend more to buy votes and also has the cunning way to earn them double or triple. One thing is sure politics of the game of manipulations and those who know the knack of creating new projects through which pro vid quo earnings are the winners and we have seen umpteen number of corrupt politicians among us.
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