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    Use of catchphrase or takiya kalam

    You might have noticed that some people use some specific words or phrases while talking to you or anybody else. Are you also accustomed to using any specific word in normal conversation with other people?

    "Takiya Kalaam" or catchphrase is a word or a set of words used by people while speaking. These words are used so many times that they become a signature of that person. The word Takiyaa is an Urdu word. It means a pillow. It is used for relaxing. I am not 100% sure but I believe that catchphrase is a kind of resting space for speakers while speaking. It helps to fill the gap between words while the speaker is thinking something.

    They are so habituated that they don't even realise that they use it so often. For example, some people say, "You See…" very often… almost in every sentence. My friend says, "You see…" so often that he is nicknamed "You See". Azharuddin, former Indian cricket captain used to speak " But" almost in every sentence.

    Other common Takiyaa Kalaams are, "for example", "generally", "usually" "most probably", "understand", " by God", " for God sake", "got it"," catch", "I think"," Do not mind", "Oh I see", Can't say" and so on.

    Some common Hindi Takiyaa Kalaams are, "Main keh rahaa hoon", "suno naa", "achchhaa", "Kasam se", "Bhagwaan Kasam"," samjhe", "therek he na", " hanji" "samjhe ke na", " ennnn", "na na an".
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    That is correct. Many people will have this habit. There will be some specific words which will be used by those persons repeatedly. It is like a stop-gap arrangement. While taking they use these words in between so that they will get a little extra time to think about what they can add next. In Telugu also such words are there which are being used by many people during their conversation. When we talk about that person we try to use that word so that the other person will understand who we are referring. That word will be added to their name when we bring them in our conversation.
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    This is very interesting post. Some people use catchphrases so much that it becomes a characteristics of their way of speaking and people know about these phrases after listening to them umpteen number of times. These people are so much habitual of using these phrases that they do not know that they have uttered it so many times in front of the same person while explaining something. The problem with these phrases is that one cannot have control on uttering or not uttering them as they come out of the mouth involuntarily. Old habits die hard.
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