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    Increasing loneliness problem in a single child.

    In today's time, most couples do a lot of family planning before being patents and it is also right to do so as it is the identity of the educated and responsible people. Most of the time we are seeing that these days parents want only one child, whether it is a boy or a girl, but only one child is enough because all the parents want to give all facilities to their children. All this thinking is very good and parents do this to give a good future to the children.

    But one negative effect of this is being found on children nowadays that children feel alone. Earlier, when there were two children, the days were spent with each other by fighting and playing, but nowadays loneliness is increasing in a child and such a situation, children are naturally inclined towards technology, and they engage themselves in mobile and video games. Many times parents themselves provide children with tabs and laptops etc. so that their child is not bored. But is this the right solution? I don't think so. I am not saying that family planning is wrong, but parents should have more responsibility towards a single child so that their life does not get lonely.

    There is also a way that if the parents are financially capable that they can give facility like laptop and tab to their child at a young age, then why should not they think to adopt an orphaned child after one child, by doing this, they will contribute to grooming two lives.

    Members, according to you what should be the solution to this problem?
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    Loneliness among a single child living in a family is really pathetic in the sense that the child does not have the suitable company with whom he would share his feelings. In absence of outlets of natural emotions, his normal growth is hampered. The child would like to play with his matching group and sometimes they would be indulged with fierce fighting even for the trifle causes. Let there be continuity of all such activities for his normal development. Sometimes, the single child turns violent in absence of conducive environment in a family. Hence it would be better for the affluent families to adopt a child from a lower middle class to avoid the loneliness of the single child. It could be better for both the children.

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    I don't believe in one child theory. I think there should be at least two children in a family. The author has pointed out the issue of loneliness of a lonely child in a family. This problem, effortlessly, is resolved when there are two children in a family. I think parents have a big responsibility to look after their children. It's the most serious matter for them. The problem which the author has highlighted can be attributed to lacking time for parents because, generally, both of them are working people and therefore, they are not able to give their time to their children. The problem of loneliness of a lonely child can not be solved by providing mobile or laptop or tablet. The child needs his/her parents with him/her. If the couple lives with parents then this problem of looking after the child may be resolved up to some extent but not fully. But what has happened to today's married couple that they don't like their parents to live with them. Sometimes, their situation becomes quite pathetic. A retired teacher lived in our locality. His wife had died. He'd two sons, both of them were married. He gave them a good education and both became engineers and got a job in aboard. The teacher had money and all luxuries but he had no food. He could not eat the food at the hotel because he was a patient of several diseases too. Thanks to some of his students who arranged him food with punctuality.

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    True. A lonely child will always get bored. There will be nobody to play with him/ her. Even though parents and grandparents try to engage them, they may not relish the same for a longer duration. As of now, I am experiencing the same. My granddaughter is 3 years old. No school because of Pandemic and she spends a lot of time with playing toys. But in between, she feels bored and starts creating problems.
    Our servant-maid stays in the single room of my terrace. Her children will come down when they are free and my granddaughter plays with them. That time she forgets everything and feels very happy and never bothers what is happening in the house. We have to call her for eating. otherwise, she will not come for that also.
    If there are same-aged children in the neighbourhood, they will play together. But due to COVID, nobody is coming out and parents are also not allowing them. That is why many single children are getting addicted to mobiles or TVs.

    always confident

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    If there are more children, they would be busy among themselves. They will play, fight, and pass the time in that engagement. The lone child has only opportunity to go out and play with other children and inside the house he would feel alone and in many cases these lone children will seek too much attention of the parents which is in no way conducive to their growth and upbringing.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    I agree with Dr Rao, children like fellow children regardless of the status of their parents. They don't mind who is master and who is servant. They like their company and playing with.
    This problem may be solved if married brothers don't erect wall in their ancestral home. All cousins may live together happily.

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