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    Some people spend their lives peacefully

    We see some people are happy despite them not having so much wealth as rich people have but they seem to be happy. They live happily in their small world. However, they are not in big numbers though but give us some secrets to living a happy life. I have watched them closely and I found some amazing secrets which may be useful for us.
    - They don't compare themselves to others. They don't look at other people why they are so rich and why they are not. Why other people are so smart and they are not so smart as other people are. Similar points of comparison have no place in their lives.
    - I see them be satisfied with what they have got. They don't run after achieving everything that they see in the possession of other people. They are happy to use what they have. If they have an old scooter they are happy, they don't aspire to have the latest bike similar to as their neighbour has.
    - They have no greed of money or luxury items. This is one of the main reason which disturbs the mind of the people and a disturbed mind can never have peace. They don't welcome greed, rather, they discard it from their heart. It keeps them happy.
    - They are socially isolated, especially, they do not have friendly relations with rich people. They don't spend their time with them too. They interact with poor people or those who are lower to them in wealth and social status.
    - They live a simple life. Their simplicity makes them isolated by other people as well but they don't mind it at all. But nobility and gentleness make them respectful also. However, rich arrogant people dislike them.
    - They are religious-mind. They believe in hereafter and they firmly believe in accountability for their deeds in this life. It keeps them away from sinning and committing bad acts too. They forbear their sufferings without complaining to others. Perhaps this is why they are mentally strong.
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    Such people are very rare these days. Once we are satisfied with what we have, we will have peace of mind and we will sleep happily in the nights. But when there is no satisfaction only problems will start.
    When we have a house to live in, a dress to wear and food to eat, we should be happy because many of the people are not having these minimum facilities only. But we will not get satisfied with this and start comparing with the people who are having many other facilities and we start working for those facilities also and then the trouble starts.
    There is no end for desires. Trying hard working for comforts is not bad. But comparing with others and struggling for those comforts without enjoying what we have will bring more problems to an individual. A satisfied person will be always calm only.

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    Our wants are directly proportional to our thinking, more you look for the branded products more you will be hankering after the latest variants and there is no end to such a madness.There are certain people even today though in limited number, they don't give importance to wealth. Their wants are limited and are aware of the means how they can manage with such a limited resources. They would not vouch for the luxurious lives but they would like to remain within their preconceived boundaries with which they are already tuned. They would not compare their status with their neighbours either. Dissatisfaction emanate from the inner core of heart and they are aloof from this. Hence they are enjoying their lives perfectly.

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    I appreciate the post and material shared by the author. There are people who are happy despite the lack of so many things in their lives. They are happy with what they have. I had some opportunity during my childhood to live with my grandmother for some time at many occasions in the village in our ancestral house. She was living in the village where no facilities were there. We were living in the town where all the facilities were there. We were not happy as we were always weeping for more and more. She was happy in her house with the minimal facilities and was very happy if she got something over and above that. There was enough grains in the village but for other things she depended on us and my father used to send me there on weekends to take some goodies for her like jaggery or spices etc. She wanted to live in village only in spite of difficulties and did not want to come to town with us. So sometimes I used to go there in holidays also. I saw her doing all sort of work happily and her desires were limited in nature and how she managed so well is still a mystery for me. Whatever we gave her on weekly basis she accepted it with great pleasure and gave blessings to us. She never consumed those things fully and kept a buffer for one week in case we do not reach there due to rains etc as that time there was no good road to go to the village and we had to walk on the rough roads.
    Knowledge is power.

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