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    Do not take excessive favors.

    Many times it happens that some people are very good feelings for us and if they also have a good ability or they are financially stronger than us, then such people continue to do good for us. Sometimes people come into our life who think a lot for us and do more favor for us. In such a situation it becomes our responsibility to do good for them also but if we are not able to return then we feel bad about ourselves. Therefore, one should not take too many favors from others because many times we feel weakened and being burdened by those favors from that person. We should always take as much as we can return.
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    The author is absolutely right but I would like to add one more thing in it that we should avoid taking any favour from any person until it goes beyond our hands or capability. If we need help or favour of any other person and we can't do what we want to do without his help, only in this situation we may take his favour or help.
    Sometimes, you may come across this situation when your relations go off the track with him, he may remind you all his favours he might have extended to you in past. I don't like to face this situation.

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    Expecting favours from somebody is not a good habit. If we accept some favour from others we should reciprocate the same when they are in need. Otherwise, others will take us as selfish and further they will not help us.
    When somebody comes to our house they bring some snacks or sweets for us. So when we go to their house we should carry something to them. That is reciprocating the favour.
    Some people will have the habit of helping others but they never ask any favour anybody. Some people will be just opposite to them. They take help and never help others.

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    Nowadays most of our relationships are business like and no person will extend help or give favours just like that without expecting some return in due course of time. So, one sided help or support has simply become a thing of past and we should keep that aspect also in mind that in this world there is nothing like that. So one has to be prepared for repaying when one is taking favours from others.
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    I do agree that excessive favor shown by others may either have ulterior motives nor have true love and affection to be with our side all the time. There are people around us who are keeping on doing favors much to self esteem and we cannot even reject their frequent favors even though we have not sought it and it that case we feel very awkward and think that some thing return favor must be done. But due to our own inability and not reaching the return favor we become more indebted to them time and again and also feel low about not helping in return. One thing is sure, if we cannot help them with money or material in return, we an at least help through physical services when someone were sick in their house or preparing some food items and sending to them etc. But we should not get habituated going on accepting the favors.
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    It is a natural trait in human beings to take favours from the prospective donors. Who will not like to have a favour especially in interviews, selection processes, getting an election ticket for a political party, getting a temporary job in a private enterprise, getting a contract, getting ones work done out of the turn etc and these are the various conditions where people yearn for favours. Now everyone will not be kind enough to provide these favours to others which make life easy and comfortable until the person is closely related or has some vested interest in doing favour he would never do that. This is the fact of the life and many of us might be well aware about this practical thing in the society and workplaces. Even in a close knit family sometimes some people do not favour fearing a wrong setting of a precedent. Moreover favour is a two sided affair and does not survive on one way.
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