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    A Systematic life is easier and more relaxed.

    Some people, after waking up every day, are just in a hurry until they go to sleep at night and adopt a chaotic lifestyle so that they increase their work rather than reduce it. The elders in the family always say one thing that we should place the goods from where we picked up it, but many times people keep making these mistakes continuously and each time they make trouble for themselves. Here, the habit of keeping stuff here and there later wastes our time, but every time you place the item in the right place, a proper system pattern followed and will save our time. We can enjoy life as much as we live in a systematic way, many people continue to live life in such haste and they do not even enjoy their life.
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    I agree with the author that systematic life style makes our life easy, comfortable, time saving, more pproductive and meaningful. The author has pointed out to keep things at their specific places. My father was very strict on this matter. E.g. If somewhere match box was kept, it should be placed on its specific place after usage. He would say if there is no light and if the match box is placed on its specific place you may search it easily even in darkness. Such teachings may look oldish but I think if it becomes our habit to keep everything in order, our life becomes easy. We can save more time by this technique instead of wasting our time searching or finding any required item if misplaced somewhere.

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    This situation happens in our house many times. My wife always tells my sons to keep the item in their designated places so that when we want them we need not search for them. But our sons will keep their vehicles keys and purses here and there and when there is a need they will be going on searching for them.
    I have the habit of keeping the items in identified places so that when in need I need not search for them. But our sons are not getting that habit. I keep one matchbox in our Pooja room and another matchbox outside so that we need not search for a matchbox after sitting for pooja. But sometimes our family members take it and keep somewhere and when there is a requirement we will go on searching for that.
    By following some discipline we can save a lot of time. But young people will never understand this point and waste a lot of time searching for items.

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    There is nothing like a disciplined and ordered life. Many of us have it and many of us yearn to live like that but it is not everyone's cup of tea to lead such a life. Having order and discipline in life requires a lot of hard work and continuous activity and with a lazy and lenient attitude we cannot achieve these things. It takes a long time in inculcating good habits in our lives and everyone cannot achieve it because everyone will not have that type of temperament. Self discipline is the key to ordered life and one should try to achieve this great objective with sustained efforts and endurance.
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    There is no substitute of living disciplined and ordered life. We all want systematic life but it is difficult to manage for many of us as it requires hard work. In today's life, people are living comfortable life. In such a situation, being active and maintaining order of life is tough job. There are few member in my family also who never place things at proper place. As a result, they waste their time and energy in searching those things.

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    Yes it is the fact that some people have habituated their life to more systematic way and by virtue of it they not only lead trouble free life and also be more relaxed. For them everything has to be done in more planned way they would not hurry to the conclusions. They will not agree to others and believe in their own scrutiny of things and thus they cannot be bowed down for misgivings or wrong. They eat timely, they sleep in time and they wake up in time and their this trait is worth emulating by others. More the systematic the more they have the peace in life and they love to live.
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    Living a disciplined life not everyone's cup of tea and those who live are successful in life. Systematic life demands order and consistency in everyday life and people mostly are not systematic, therefore, bring disorder in life.
    Those who live a simple and honest life are more systematic and disciplined in their endeavours. They always work and carry their responsibilities with sincerity that makes them more successful and systematic. And this simplicity helps them to live an easy and satisfying life.
    And those who are not serious about their responsibilities bring disorder in everything.

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