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    Why do we fly kites on independence day?

    Independence day is celebrated on 15th August and it's known to all. But how we spend this day depends on individuals how they take it but many people celebrate this day by flying kites. Do you know why on this particular day kites are flown.?
    I was searching on this topic and found some amazing and interesting historical facts behind this tradition. I like it.
    History behind kite flying:

    "Go Back Simon"- This was the slogan in protest against the Simon commission in 1927. Patriotic Indians at that time used the kites as a medium of protest. Kites with the slogan "Go Back Simon" composed over them were flown in the sky. Since the time that then, kite flying has became a tradition for Indians on Independence day to praise autonomy from British tenet. With the spreading out of the national flag on 15th August, Delhiites likewise get occupied with kite flying as an expression of freedom, joy and patriotism. The colorful vibrant kites fill the skies in the blink of an eye, and see, they are energized. Your heart jumps when your own gem achieves unsteady statures and nearly vanishes in the dabbed sky like a spot.
    The kite flying game in India symbolizes the Independence Day. The sky all over India turns out to be brimming with incalculable kites (flown from housetops) of different sizes, shapes, styles, and shades. Some of them get to be tricolor symbolize India's banner. Another image of autonomy day is the Red Fort of New Delhi where the principal Indian Prime Minister, Jawahar Lal Nehru, spread out the Indian flag on 15th August in 1947.
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    Everything is out of our expression of joy. In many situations we clap our hands when we appreciate the comedy, speech, over joy as these are all our expression of joy. It is seen even on the occasions of marriages, receiving a notary person, we are all firing crackers; this is also a joy.

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    I never know that Kites with slogans like "Go Back Simon" were flown. Good information from the author. Kites flying is an indication of joy and pleasure, I feel. In Telangana, there is a custom of flying kites for Pongal and that will get extended up to Republic day. Many people enjoy this kite flying during the festival. But this custom is not there in Andhra Pradesh.
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