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    How many of you viewed Republic Day Celebrations directly

    We are nearing Republic day in five days. Almost in many city Headquarters the Government is celebrating this in a grand manner with a worth seeing procession. In New Delhi the procession is really in a great manner.
    In Chennai the Beach Road is get prepared now itself for Republic Day celebrations and procession. My cousin used to go there to view the procession without minding his age and he is going there even since his college days.
    I view the broadcasting relay from New Delhi in television and asking our house children to watch the same.
    When we ask the children to watch this we can make them to know about the states and its cultures with interest.
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    I have not attended any republic day celebrations conducted by a government. But attended many celebrations at my school, college and university. But during my career, I hoisted the flag in our organisation and conducted the function. I think for almost 10 to 12 years I did this as the CEO of the unit. In our organisation, we used to conduct sports and other events. On 26th January we used to conduct function and award gifts to the winners. Sometimes I also used to participate in some events and I got prizes also.
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    One may not enjoy the parade by sitting in one place on the open ground. It is ideal to watch the entire Republic Day parade by sitting in front of the Television with snacks and drinks.
    Once, I was present in New Delhi on 26th January. I did not want to get into the mad crowd. I sat peacefully inside my room and watched the entire parade while eating breakfast. Moreover, I can't bear the severe winter cold.

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    I never got such an opportunity in my life but just by seeing it on TV screen is sufficient to enjoy the function. I was told that people reserve their seats early in the morning near India gate and wait for the parade to start. Anyway, seeing it physically in front of oneself would be very thrilling and enjoyable and many people try to reach Delhi during this time and make themselves comfortable in a place which is easily available to them in the cold winter mornings. This is a unique function where India showcases its advancements in various areas through modals and exhibits.
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    Since I stay in Hyderabad , we have special celebrations of Republic day at the Parade grounds in Secunderabad in which the march past from the three forces, police and para military like NCC and sport guides are performed with much synchronize. And I have watched many a time and the highlights would be tableau of various departments made with rich decoration and even prizes are awarded. But ever since the TRS govt came to power the Republic day flag hoisting and march past is done at the Golconda fort and there are no tableau. So we have lost interest to watch such parade which is simple and for us going to Golconda is the long distance. While in Delhi it is treat to watch the parade on the Raj path and the way the march past is done with great brand in attendance and also the beating the retreat would be awesome for the eyes.
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    Also I did not watch live parade at the ground, although I was in Delhi two there times. Instead, I preferred to watch on TV.
    Everyone celebrate republic day physically at his place- in colleges, schools, offices.
    When I was in primary school then I along with one my classmate used to go to tensile because tehsil us located near my primary school and we would sing national anthem on Republic day and independence day.
    I used to take part in rally also which used to take round of the town on bicycles.

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