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    Why the head office employees does not cooperate with the branch staff?

    It is the fact that many companies and Industries have administrative or the Head office at one place and the factory at another place. In that case the daily coordination between the two needs to be there otherwise it would be chaos all around. I have seen many a time even experienced the fact that the head office employees think that they are superior and try boss over the branch staff and for the company both employees are the same. Did you came across such indifferent attitudes? Please cite such examples if possible.
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    I agree with the author that there is a vast gap between the branch office and the head office. Head office staff assumes themselves as superior to branch office staff. It's a fact and reality Is that they are superior to them because their CEO is their chief officer in that office whereas Manager is their chief officer in their branch. I think there is a difference in salary structure also between them.
    But despite this gap, there should be mutual understanding and cooperation with each other. If they are lacking in cooperation and the mutual understanding company will suffer loss.

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    Head office staff office feel that they are more important. The reason for this may be the that important decision will be made here and they will be passed on to branches. The Chairman or the Managing Director of the company will be sitting in head office. So seniors of branch offices may have much interest in knowing about the moments of MD. So they will try to talk to head office people irrespective of their cadre and try to get this information. This will also make the head office people think that they are superior.
    The Head of the Organisation will never show such a difference. Definitely, he will understand the importance of the branches also and he will also treat them properly. But only some junior staff may think like that. But actually, the allowances and salary offered to a person who is working in the factory will be higher than his counterpart in head offcie

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    The head office always differs with the decisions taken at the branch even though it is within the parameters
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