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    Modi proved the world that tactical moves better than war to win

    No body is appreciating nor giving the positive response to the moves of Modi govt in dealing with China ever since the border dispute face off. India could have waged a war and even won it. But India has been doing is far better than cornering the dragon country mental wise and economy wise. Firstly all Chinese products and services withdrawn, secondly Chinese apps banned and now the countries which were depending on Chinese vaccines are now being supplied by free vaccines by India. What could be the better revenge than this. Yes we have won the war. Thanks Modiji
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    Nothing is proved yet.
    Our PM had direct meeting with Chinese PM many times. It appeared that they had established good rapport. But happenings showed that Chinese behaviour is as betrayal as what happened with Nehru after Panchaseel and Hindi-Chini-Bhai Bhai.

    China is one of the un-trustable nations who are hegemonistic and ruthless and unscrupulous to have their way.
    They do not understand or respect good words and deeds. They do not bother about their people opinion as they are severe Communist monopolistic dictatorship. China has gained notoriety as rogue nation now.

    But India is a functional democracy. We have to heed opinion of people inside and outside. Moreover our governments for last many decades did not give priority to defence or offense against Chinese. It was just a passive silence. That was originated from the lack of self confidence and due to the wrong following of non-alignment just for the sake of it.

    India vehemently stood and voiced for including China as a permanent member of UN and got it. But China always opposed India's position in UN and always hijacked any opinion of making India a permanent member.

    China wants to rule the world. It finds India as the main hindrance to it. Hence it is more afraid of a US-India friendship and co-operation.
    Trump was a hardnut to crack for the Chinese. He was solidly behind India to obstruct China's greedy intentions to outsmart the US and India.

    But now after Biden has come it seems China will be able to tilt US stand to its favour. Let us hope better sense prevails on US President and administration.

    In our home ground the present central government had understood and focused its priorities. It knows that only a strong nation gets respect in present day. The first step is to hold ground and persist. The next step will be even offense.

    As Subramaniam Swamy says China can be taught lesson only by a war. But before that a lot of groundwork is to be done. Hopefully the present central government is doing proper efforts in achieving all that. This includes logistical infrastructure, diplomatic deals and keeping high morale of people and Armed forces.

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    Modi is doing well with his well planned tactical moves. Not only With China but even with the farmers' protest in our country, his tactical move to suspend the farm laws for 18 months deserves appreciation. Now the ball is in the farmers' court to decide whether to play the ball or not. Now the government cannot be blamed for any awkward scenery rising out of farmers' adamant protest.
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    Government is doing well but the situation is not conducive for the economy, especially, the pandemic has affected our economy a lot
    As far as China is concerned, India is taking diplomacy as the tool to fix up the differences and disputes. It's said that our PM has met Chinese president 18 times which includes as CM of Gujarat also, but china is not as such that can be trusted at all. Lately, it is being said that China has built a village in Indian territory. The government does not want war at the moment. China understands it very well that in the whole region there is no rival of China except India, so China can never be our friend. It will always betray India as had betrayed in past also. We have a bad experience in 1962 when it stabbed on the back after raising the slogan Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai with India.
    I hope the new US regime will have friendly relations with India. US President as well as Vice President have evinced to improve ties with India.
    Barak Obama and Joe Biden belong to Democratic party. Earlier when Barak Obama visited India he assured India to support for having the permanent seat in the security council, hope his policies will be continued by Biden also. But China never wants to see India as a permanent member of the security council as it will create a big threat for China in the region.

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    Why due credit is not given to the performing government?
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Opposition and opposite forces will never give credit to the ruling Govt and the main reason for that is because if they give credit then they would accept their defeat openly in the political arena. The basic principle in politics is that one should always criticise the opposition party even if it does good to the country. Everyone is seeing what is happening in the country and the whole world is looking to India after the taking over of the PM position by Mr Modi. We should not praise a person unnecessarily but the events and happenings would eventually tell everyone about his contribution to the progress of the country. He is taking very high level accurate decisions with sheer power of a seasoned statesman. His main strength is his honesty of the purpose and honesty in the materialistic matters. He is the lone politicians who does not have property worth in crores.
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    Thinking of war in these days of the atomic weapons is inviting destruction. There will be unimaginable damage everywhere and no winner or vanquished. There will be always some warmongering people. They should be put in check.

    The moves of banning Chinese apps, Chinese services, and products may give us satisfaction but it did not have much impact on China. The Chinese economy is the only major economy that has not contracted due to the pandemic. The trade war by the Trump administration of the USA well withstood by China. The strategy of the USA to put China in check using India is for their countries benefit. We should be guided by our own interests and development but not blinded by anger.

    China is a hostile neighbor and we all know about it for since long. It is a country that cannot be trusted and the entire world knows it. Our country needs to be extra careful with China is a fact beyond doubt. In the recent past, it is becoming aggressive and our country has to deal with caution. There was nothing that was not done by the previous Governments and nothing extraordinary done by this Government. China by being aggressive at our borders is causing heavy expenditure on the maintenance of military forces there in this cold weather also. Our country is forced to increase its defense budget.

    The present Government has put the economy in the doldrums even before the pandemic. The immediate necessity is to put it on the right track. Hope they rise to the occasion.

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    China is one country which is not reliable. Now, this fact is known in many countries. At the same time, the present Indian government under Prime Minister Mr Modi is trying to showcase the strengths of the country to all those countries which are going against China and those countries are showing interest in working together with India instead of China. This is a big win for the present PM. We should appreciate his good and tactical moves which are making many countries to look at India for having a business relationship.
    But no opposition will say that the government is doing well. The opposition should have the courage to accept the good deeds of the government. So they will never appreciate the strategy followed by the ruling party. But the people of the country will understand. That is the reason why Modi was given a second chance also. These days in politics there are very few politicians who give value for ethics and Modi is one such politician. In his entire career as PM of India so far there are no charges of corruption against him,

    always confident

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    Mohan, how do you think giving free vaccines to some countries will affect China? And what does it prove? I don't think China would be least bothered. The actual fact is that after all those hugs with Obama and Trump and tea times with the Chinese Premier, our PM could do the least to our international relations. When all who are in support is praising the centre's strategies, can anyone say why, after all the cordial relations, the US did not support India's position in the UN Security Council? Providing free vaccines will not improve relations. China has more holdings in these lands that give them an upper hand. So, I say, we need to be beware of this neighbour.

    And let us not forget that the US never wants peace between China, India and Pakistan because they fear a threat to their supremacy.

    'To know what you know and what you do not know, that is true knowledge.'-Confucius

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    The thought process our members itself differ and there cannot be appreciation at all for good works
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mohan, that is a very easy way. Can we please have a detailed clarification?

    You seem to be overawed by the tactics of the Modi team at the centre. And you are right in a way. Most of the moves and decisions by the Modi government are just tactics and has got nothing to do with able governance or administrational capabilities.

    'To know what you know and what you do not know, that is true knowledge.'-Confucius

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    When we praise a leader then many people may not agree with that but when we compare the present leader with the earlier ones then many people would agree that the present leader is far much better and active than the earlier ones in many respect and hat itself proves the point. We must remember that no one is perfect and we have to settle for the better one.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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