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    What to do if we do not get a career line of our choice?

    There is a general thinking and concept that a person can give good performance only in his area of interest and it is imperative that one should try to get a job and make a career in that particular line. It is an ideal situation if one achieves that objective in one's life. Many times due to the tough competition and difficult situation of employment in our country many people have to compromise for taking up the different jobs which are not of their choices and then they become sad and depressed just thinking that the life is going to be a burden by working under the force of making a livelihood in a terrain where they do not have any interest at all. I have some observation in this regard that things are not as grim as they look and if a person is really interested to make a carer there are ample opportunities even in the areas where one has no interest. If everyone says that they would not do a particular job then who would do it. In our life, everything does not move as per our wishes and there are many examples where people have excelled in many other areas where initially they did not have any interest. So we have to change our thinking in this matter and should not be clinging to our own thinking that I like this and I do not like that. What do the members think?
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    Mostly it does not happen that someone does not like to go in a particular profession but he accepts it without his will and interest. I don't think if someone can force him to make his career until he is interested in it.
    However, sometimes, it may happen in life that he is forced to go in a particular profession because of the vagaries of circumstances. Untoward and unfortunate circumstances may change career options. In that situation, the question of career-making becomes a trivial matter, and he begins to think about how to survive himself, his parents and siblings.

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    I agree that people should choose a career or a job according to their interest, but it is very rare that a person gets a job according to his or her interest, but still, people have to do jobs to generate income for their livelihood. Many people are not interested in business but if they have a family business then they have to handle this business as they are responsible for it. As far as the work of the interested person is concerned, the person ignores things like money, work time, etc. because he enjoys working. But even if the work is not according to interest, we still make a commitment towards that work because it is the source of our income and when the income comes after the work, then the work capacity also gets boosted. Nowadays most of the young people who are not doing their work of interest but when they get a job in the good multinational company on the good pay scale, they adopt it happily.
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    As we are not in control of everything, there will be situations when we get what we did not wish,expect or like. But we have to manage with them. The success or failure is in how well we manage.

    The secret is to like what we get rather than waste time and energy in trying to get what we like. Those who really get what they like are fortunate. But even they may need a review of what they lost in seeking and getting what they wanted. It is the net of plus and minus which is the real balance sheet of life.

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    It is true that if we get a job in the field of our interest, we will fare better and chances career development will get enhanced. Some people are lucky enough to get a job in the are they like. I am one such lucky person. I got a job in the field what I liked and wanted. My career went on well and I have the job satisfaction throughout my service. I started my career as a laboratory in charge and raised to the position of CEO and Director of a company. That gave me satisfaction.
    But these days the unemployment problem is very high. We have to accept the job we get and we have to see that interest will be developed in the area where we got an opportunity. We may not get a chance to choose what we want. But we can't compromise on our career. So we have to focus on the job we got and concentrate in such a way we will be the best in that area. There is no way other than raising to the occasion and prove that we are capable of working in any area.

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    Today the job condition is so difficult and tough that there is no question of getting a job of ones choice. May be in advanced countries the people might be choosing the job themselves. In our country getting a job itself is a big thing and what to say of the job of choice.
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    Those are the lucky employees having got the jobs in the area of interest. If the circumstances is favourable having landed in such type of jobs for which they have passion, it could motivate them further to show their efficiencies. Their contribution could be notable and marvellous and they could reach to the prestigious position because of their dedicated efforts. However, this could be a rare case and not all are enjoying their service in the similar ways. The circumstances could be tough for an employee joining a job without his liking and he does not have any option but to accept it because of tough market conditions. Such type of jobs are to be accepted because of the financial pressure of their families and they become victims to the circumstances since there is no way to support their families other than accepting any job coming in their ways.

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    In fact many of us adjusting with no employment or the under employment and that means we are not getting the required job commensurate with the qualification and expectation and therefore many are living with just jobs and not the jobs. However we cannot live without job and thus adjusting our lives either with less salaries or compromising with lesser post than expected and we would be waiting for the better opportunities. Those who are in core group studies they may get their required jobs and others need to accept any job comes the way because if we reject then we have to repent One thing is sure every new job is a learning experience and the companies are also giving lots of chance to improve. And by virtue of in house learning and personal interest we make strides to achieve progress in the same company sooner or later.
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    The more choosy you are the more difficult it may become to manage things. It is not always possible to get a job of one's choice and in that case, rather than thinking the job as a burden and repenting one should try to find a job of her/his choice. If it is not possible then one has to stop worrying about the job she/he is doing and need to concentrate on that job. It is better to ask for suggestions from others who are managing that job well. One also has to analyze why the job is burdensome. Is it because of one's choice or is there any difficulty on the part of the person to carry out the particular type of job? You may say it's something like self-analysis to decide the next course of action.

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    An alternative route is always available if we try to explore and are ready to carry those responsibilities. After completing education, a candidate usually looks for his preferred job as per his or her qualification and skills; but if he or she fails to find one in the preferred field, it becomes disappointing. However, that is not the end of life. There are always other options available that one can look for and become successful in life. That is why I feel skills development courses are important for students to upgrade their chances of employment. PMKVY is an initiative that aims to train unemployed educated youth for better opportunities. Such initiatives are encouraging to implement skill development courses for students and train them for different sectors.

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    As many have commented that due to crisis, many may not find the course/job that they want and have to take up others that fall on their plate. It is very difficult to adjust to the new frame and work when you don't have interest but just stick to it due to either reasons or problems which slowly becomes part and parcel of life and one gets content with the job he/she is doing.

    We can say that on one end one needs to accept the fact that many are not fortunate to get what they actually desire but when we look through their angle, they have to struggle every day to make it work for them. It can be learning new programs, ways, methods, tricks, etc and many do get adjusted with it and even make big in it. There are many who are just forced to take it due to family, financial, or some other problem and troll hard to get into the role or character they are put in charge of.

    From both the side one can say that as one does not get everything that he/she wants, they have to be satisfied with what is served to be happy with the fact that many are not even fortunate to even get what we have so the other alternative is to accept and get adjusted to it and try to be good in it.

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    This is very common since many decades. Cinema artists may say that if I am not coming to film industry, I would become a doctor or engineer. But it is common to see education and employment are not going alike. Similarly employment and emoluments are not also similar. Many science graduated working banks and many commerce graduates do not bank jobs.

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