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    Would you like to share your memories of your favourite sports

    Sports are a great exercise and amusement to keep fit and healthy. Everyone would have played sports at their young age or will be still playing some indoor sports as they keep one charged with energy, mentally sound and healthy. Be it cricket, football, hockey, tennis or be it indoor games, sports are important for a better and healthy lifestyle.

    Well, I have also been playing sports especially cricket with my team. It was my favourite sports after volleyball and I still play when I get the opportunity. Amazing thing is that in sports we share our joy and work as a team in reaching the target. Isn't it amazing?

    Members, would you like to share your memories and experiences about your favourite sports?
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    During my childhood I had exposure to cricket, table tennis and badminton and though I played all of them, my final choice was badminton. I continued it for quite some time and when I got my first job then I had again opportunity to play it there and then in my second job also I got a good atmosphere and there was an old club which was available to us free of charge and there we practiced it much. We had some local tournaments also at that time where we participated and had much fun and enjoyment. Due to my transfer from that place I was out of touch of this activity and since then for last 28 years I have not played it but in my housing society I see some students playing it and I recollect my old days when I was also active in this game.
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    Cricket is the most popular game in our country. Nobody can say that he never played cricket. I used to play a lot of cricket when I was in school and intermediate college. During those days we had different clubs in our town. Cricket is still played but now, the status of cricket has changed. They play for gambling. We used to play for enjoyment, however, also we would play with certain conditions like the defeated team would arrange tea and samosa to the winning team and both the teams would enjoy this treat in any hotel. I was an all-rounder, basically, an opening batsman and as a bolwer, I had in-swing tactic.

    One incident I would like to share here. When I was in my early teens, I used to play in my Mohalla team. Almost every Mohalla had a team. We would always prefer to play in the main playground but One mohalla team would always invite to play the match in their area. We often used to go to play there too. Once what out the team did that we won the toss and elected to bat, first, two batsmen got out and they said that they were going back home, after them, two other players slipped away without telling then I also ran away. Gradually, all the players went off from the spot and then only two batsmen who were batting as the last pair remained on the ground. When opposition team saw this that almost all players had run away without letting them bat, so they held those two players and asked them to bowl and they would bat.

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    We all grow up playing cricket as it's the most popular sport in our country so I also used to play it.

    Apart from the cricket I was a good player of table tennis and have played up to the zonal level and was the school champion . I was too much obsessed with it that my studies were getting affected due to it so as usual parents do my parents also restricted me for playing it and I stopped playing and then started playing it in the college where I faced state level players and they were too good against me and I never could managed to win from them.

    Also I had an interest in playing basket ball and volley ball . I used to play it in the school and was in the school team .

    Now a days when I am 45 years I don't play outdoor games as don't get the time to play them and just play games on phone.


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    In my school days, I am talking about the late fifties, we had good playing grounds in the school and we used to play many games. I was much interested in ball badminton and represented the school in the competitions. During my college days at Engineering College, Tennis was the main game which was played by me. I had captained the college team in my pre-final and final years. I was the college champion in tennis in my third, fourth and final years. During the unemployment year, I practiced billiards. It is such a beautiful and calculated game and I play it even now at my club which has two air-conditioned billiards rooms. I enjoy the game and after a break of 10 months due to the corona virus, I started playing the game again.
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    I used to enjoy various games in my childhood especially outdoor games like Cricket, Baseball in my school. We used to play these games regularly in games period and on Sundays. We also have regular high jump, long jump, running race events in our school. I used to enjoy playing local games like seven picks, and indoor games like Ludo, Snake-ladder, Trade and business game, Carroms, etc. In my school days, there is no pressure on studies like at present and we used to enjoy playing all sorts of games both indoor and outdoor. I am not a specialist in any particular game but I used to enjoy playing games.

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    I love cricket more than any other game. But unfortunately, I never played it. During my school days, this game was not very famous. During my college days, I never had time to play any game.
    During my school days, we had a Physical Science teacher who was a very good player of Volly Ball, Basket Ball and Badminton. He used to encourage students to spend some time playing these games in our high school grounds. I played Badminton under his guidance. I used to play in the front position and I participated in inter-school competitions and won some prizes.
    In our village, we had a team playing this game. We used to have tournaments with other village teams. We were travelling on cycles and playing the game. But I discontinued playing the game after my 10th Class. But I love Badminton even now. These days I am trying with the bat to spend time with my granddaughter.

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    As far as sports are concerned, I love badminton games but if I talk about my experience with one of the sports, then it is Kho-Kho. When I was in 9th class, I had participated in Khokho on behalf of my school. For this, I went to Nainpur with my sports team and some teachers where our final competition was there. Although we did not win at the finale, still this 3-day of my sports tour was very memorable.
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    In my school times, I was not playing any main game but we were playing Kho-Kho (kabaddi) sometimes. It was a very interesting game and we used to have much fun in that. Many times the girls fought among themselves during playing.
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