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    Elders, do not easily admit their mistake in front of their younger ones.

    We all have always been learning that one should learn from his mistakes only then he can bring positive change in his life, and even we do so, that whenever we make a mistake, we accept it. But I have noticed many times that people do not want to accept their mistakes in front of young people.

    I have seen many elder people who know that they have made a mistake, but only because they are elder and they do not want to spoil their image in front of the younger. So they try to cover their mistake by avoiding the front one or sometimes scolded and silenced them.

    When making mistakes is a natural process of humans life, then why are they so hesitant to admit their mistake in front of youngers? Members, what do you think about this, please share your opinions.
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    Swati, please replace 'does' with 'do' in your title of the post. You have chosen an interesting topic. Actually our seniors or elders had been teaching and instructing us for so many things and it is also a fact that we learn a great deal from them so there is a relationship between them and us in this regard. There is an element of respect also there for them in our eyes and due to certain natural human emotions and sentiments they generally will not accept their mistake and show as if we do not know the details about the things and unnecessarily pointing out their mistakes. Sometimes, they realise that they are on the wrong footing and correct themselves but most of the times their ego comes in between preventing them to accept the errors so modestly.
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    It's our individual view how we take this issue, but the author has given her opinion in clear words that elder people should confess/apologize to youngsters if they have done any mistake or a younger person is right and they are wrong.
    There are two things.
    1) Differences of opinion between both and the younger one has a correct view and elder one does not have, in this situation, an elder person should accept that he is wrong and his youngster is right.
    2) If something goes serious and elder person, e.g. father does any mistake whereas the mistake is done against youngster i.e. his son and everybody in the family realises that the father has done this mistake. So in this situation, the father will not scold his son at all, rather he will keep silent, however, if he defends his mistake illogically, and his son makes arguments with him and focuses on proving his mistake the father will obviously scold him because after all, he is his father. I think both father and son are wrong.
    A considerate son would never expect that his father should confess his mistake despite knowing that his father is wrong. He will keep quiet. Likewise, a considerate father would never scold his son, rather, he would keep silent too.
    For a father, there is no need to confess his mistake. For a son, there is no need to prove his father wrong or remind him about his mistake.

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    Is it so? But I have seen many elders accepting their mistakes in front of their next-generation people also. To err is human and one should learn from his mistakes. There is no rule that elders should not do any mistake. Sometime they may also do it. But accepting them and correction themselves is also important.
    Some elders may have an ego. That ego will make them not to accept their mistakes. So they try to defend themselves. The young people should be considerate and ignore those mistakes and should not insist that the elders should accept their mistakes, We should give some respect to their age also.
    In Mahabharat, Bhishma's father did a mistake by falling in love with a young girl. Bhishma sacrificed his life and seen that his father will marry that young girl. Like this young people should be considerate in tolerating the mistakes of elders. But the beauty is that Bhishma's father repented a lot for his mistake.

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    We generally respect our elders and even if they do some mistake we do not expose or discuss it because of the respect we have for them. I think our elders also understand this thing and many of them would not repeat their points or discussions once they see that there was a mistake on their part. So, if both the parties keep good manners these things would not escalate.
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    Elders are the elders either in terms of age or in terms of the experience and they will not agree to the mistakes and try to manage with their versions and interpretations. Especially before the small child the elders want to maintain their supremacy and power and thus does not budge to any remarks. But I have seen some elders are so humble and even try to learn from the grand children and the feel it is the great privilege to learn from the young ones. Normally elders does not commit the mistake as they would be careful with every moves.
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