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    Can the Congress regain power in Kerala?

    Kerala now has a Left government led by Pinarayi Vijayan. Can Congress regain power in the next Assembly elections?

    My answer is NO. I don't think the Congress can regain power in Kerala. The cabinet headed by Pinarayi Vijayan will come once again be in Kerala.

    The Left government is a government that has stood by the people of Kerala in all the crises that befell them, such as the NIPA, floods, and covid-19

    None of the political games by the BJP and Congress to bring down the government by making political inroads during the crisis will happen here anymore.
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    We don't know the mind set of the Keralites. They generally chose alternate governments, the Congress and the Communists. According to me, Communists have ruled the state well than the Congress. What would be the result of next election? As you rightly said, Congress may not come to power again.
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    Nothing can be predicted about the result of the elections, however, if there is no anti-incumbency wave then surely, the present government will retain the power in the state. The congress has chances to regain or not, time will tell. I think BJP has no hope there. I don't know very much about south Indian politics.

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    It is difficult to predict these things but one thing is there that people of a state should elect a Govt which is free from corruption and has a good governance. This should be the primary criterion for the voters to judge a party. It does not matter which ideology that party belongs to. The overall progress of the state and its people depends on a good and just governance and that is what is needed at this point of time. It is also correct to say that all the people in a party are not corrupt and while voting people see the party as well as the individual candidate. If candidate is honest and has a good reputation then our number one priority for giving vote should go to that only. If the left party has done good work in Kerala then naturally it can continue to rule there. People of the state should use their judgement in these matters and any careless voting will bring the criminal elements to rule the state which would be a detrimental thing not only for the state but for the whole nation.
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    If I want to give my feedback to this post, my huge say is no because the Congress has lost all the credibility in the recent past and only plus point is that Rahul Gandhi represents Waynad to which he has done nothing nor visited the place. When there is no public contact, the voters gets distanced and the left is going to retain the power once again. But the same left party in WB cannot able to get formidable support however Kerala people knows which party is better and good. There is place for the BJP as of now and the Congress has no strong hold therefore the present govt has the edge.
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    Kerala is still a state where Congress has a sizable following and able leaders.

    But unfortunately Congress, in Kerala now stands the most unreliable party. All over India it has forged alliance or adjustments with the Left and other non-BJP parties. In Maharashtra they have formed a government with Shiva Sena breaking the NDA there.

    But in Kerala they put up a face of opposing Left Democratic Front. But even in Kerala they form secret behind the scene understanding to defeat BJP in places where BJP has sizeable votes. This is exactly what happened in the recent Panchayat/Municipal/Corporation elections. People of Kerala has now understood this double game. Congress is no more a real secular party. It is now anti-Hindu party to garner the Christian-Muslim votes. Pitiably here too it has started losing the Muslim votes as they also have understood the double game of Congress. By yielding more and more to the political Islam, Congress has made the extreme politico-religio- Muslim to thrive in Kerala.
    Now the leftists have started playing and succeeding in the same game played by Congress till now, in appeasing the Christian-Muslim group vote banks declaring love for 'minorities' whereas the combination is actually majority in vote numbers.

    So seeing the present state of affairs and the mentality of the average Hindu voters(except the committed leftists) there will be a gradual drain of votes of Congress as the average Hindu now slowly shifts his loyalty to BJP. The cadre votes of Left will stay solid and they will garner the Christian-Muslim votes of Congress also.

    Hence if the BJP presents a unified, confident firm stand and works hard at grass roots and works only with development and welfare slogans, and not bring any religion based matters, BJP will gain a lot. Things, earlier seemed impossible and miracle a few years ago, may become real happening and BJP can win a few seats in the coming assembly elections.

    As things stand today the chances of Congress coming back to power in Kerala is bleak, because they have lost their credibility and is seen only as anti-BJP party and as an unscrupulous,spineless party which may do any kind of adjustments for power.

    Left Front as usual will thrive on vocal and cyber propaganda (rather mis-propaganda) and put its autocratic pressures on innocent people. They have done their ground work very clearly and have targeted those who will be swayed by doles and free supplies. That is what they repeatedly declared and ascertained in the recent local elections.

    But politics being politics, things can change. A sudden and new development can bring unexpected changes. Otherwise, Congress is on the waning and it is not sincere and true in its opposition to the Leftists and is not able to encash even the best opportunity available to it.

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    We can't predict anything in advance. We don't know how the mind of the voter change in the last minute. The person who is taking against a party may vote to the same party after getting into the polling booth. Many times we see that the poll predictions go wrong. The night before the election a lot of behind the screen events will take place and the mood of the voter will change. We have to wait and see.
    As far as Kerala is concerned I also feel that Congress or BJP will not come to power. Chances are good for the present CM to win the next elections also and come to power. But some change may be there in the majority. However, Congress stands no chance not only in this state but in many other states also. The party should do a lot of introspection and take actions to revive the party.

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