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    Union Budget 2021-22 and Expectations.

    Upcoming Union budget 2021-22 in to announced in next month. General Public, Industry houses are expecting a wide changing budget due to the impact of Covid-19 Pandemic situation. Many are expecting a subsidised friendly budget. Salary classes are waiting for a income tax rebate and enhancement of savings limits under various heads. Industrialist expecting a friendly budget from the govt. for industrial growth and employment opportunity. In the other side govt. is expecting to recover huge deficiency due to Covid -19 activities from this budget. Now what is your expectation from the budget'2021-22.
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    As many people lost their jobs and for many earnings were reduced significantly, Govt may consider some special package for at least one year and it could be in shape of reduced taxes from salaried as well as business people.
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    After the fatal effect of this pandemic on all economic sectors and all classes of the society, everybody is expecting that this union budget 2021 will ease them. The government aims at self-reliant India encompassing all sections of the society, therefore, the Finance Minister has lots of burdens to present an all-inclusive budget which may please everyone, however, it isn't easy to please everyone. I think that common people should be given special attention in this budget. Common people don't know the comprehensiveness of the budget, they hope to see to get price hike curbed and beneficial schemes for them.

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    According to my prediction, the budget may not be attractive and appreciative. It may not interest anyone. There won't be any change in income tax for the taxpayers to feel happy. After the budget hours, people would say -Not a good budget.

    Wait and Watch.

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    There are two issues. One is that people are expecting concessions and rebates because of the problems they have because of the Pandemic. The government wants revenue so that the administration will run smoothly. How to see that both the ends will meet. This is a big exercise to be carried out by the finance minister. It is very difficult to please everybody.
    I am expecting no decrease in the income tax and at the same time, I am not expecting any increase also. There may not be any new taxes and the same level of taxes in all the fields is expected. Some tax rebates to new entrepreneurs may be proposed. Many people may not like the budget and there may be many criticisms against the budget.

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