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    Reading is a must for growth

    The habit of reading is slowly dwindling with time. Those were the times when reading bulks of books was a passion and not a compulsive choice. Nowadays, people are glued to mobile devices and electronics. For holistic growth and development, reading is a must. It enhances knowledge and helps in the improvement of vocabulary. It opens up new opportunities and broadens our perspective. On average, a person must set a goal to read at least 2 books in one month. An avid reader reads as many books in a stretch as much to his/her capacity. Many people are busy and don't get time to read, for those people, it's a must to read every day at least for 30 mins. Apart from books, articles, papers, newspapers, magazines, and various other things are available in today's time. We can refer to any readable thing which is of good quality to improve our lives.
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    I agree with the author that reading books is a very useful habit. It imparts knowledge and improves level of thinking also. I like to read books but now a days it becomes too costly to purchase books. Libraries are also losing their charm and even existence. They are more likely to be considered as obsolete. Those who want to read books can download from different websites. I have also downloaded some books. Dictionaries are also available on internet.
    Modern generation does not have interest in buying books or magazines, instead, they like to chat on social media. It is our responsibility to encourage them to start reading books online or they may download some good books to read , it will benefit them a lot.
    I always suggest them to start reading books and useful articles available in large number on different websites free of cost.

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    It is correct. Reading helps to know as well as realize things. Earlier, books were the only source of knowledge and students used to spend a lot of time inside the libraries for gathering information on various subjects. After referring to many books their queries were resolved. Nowadays, with the click of a mouse or from smart mobile gadgets one can know anything. Only you need to search the topic on the internet. Here you get to know the things you search and if you wish to know more then you have to continue reading. A book on any topic has vast information in it and one has to concentrate on it to know things in details. Other than that, a book can be considered as the experience of the author on a specific subject where various aspects are discussed. It's important for all of us to know others' views on a specific topic which clears many doubts and increases our capabilities. Therefore, for all-round progress in life reading is essential.

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    The author is right, nowadays people are losing interest in reading, but they do not know the importance of reading. The knowledge and experience we can bring from reading, we cannot get through technical means. Reading is a medium through which you increase your knowledge as well as the power of your thoughts. Reading is a habit that will only benefit you by adopting. Through the book, you get so attached to his words many times that you can bring positive changes in your life by connecting him with your life.
    Swati Sharma

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    What I feel that reading and writing must go hand in hand so that what ever is written can also be read once finished there by serving the twin purpose of reading and understanding what was written. The reading habit must be created from the young age and there cannot be excuse for not reading. One of my teacher used to say read loudly in the class in chorus so that even the principal should listen what you are reading. By reading we would also come to know the new words being used and meaning of it. In this regard the students should read the editorials of news papers where in superlative words are used.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Reading is a great habit and it makes a person more and more mature when one is exposed to the writings of the great scholars and authors across the world. It is said that reading makes a person sensible to take good and proper decisions based on the knowledge acquired. Reading is not only academic. It could be on any subject bringing progress in our life in terms of happiness, meditation, and spirituality.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    There was a time, few decades back, when reading was the only recourse to acquire knowledge as there was no other channel except learning it from the teacher in school or college. Of course, learning from the teacher was limited to academic pursuits only as there were many other things also which we could learn only from the books of various kind. I sometimes consider myself a lucky person as during my childhood I was exposed to a very big resourceful Govt library in my native place where a large collection of books was available freely to all of us just by abiding to rules and regulations of the library and undergoing some discipline in issuing and returning the same in time. It was a gold mine for me as I had interest in reading since that age and today whatever I know all the credit goes to that library which motivated me to read more and more. I have no words to praise the reading trait and I can only say that reading changes an animal mind in a human being.
    Knowledge is power.

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