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    Do you also have these incidents while working in kitchen?

    Being a housewife, I spend a good time in kitchen. Many people think that kitchen work is easy and does not require much skills. I differ in this matter as I feel that it is a place where one has to work very carefully and should also observe the safety considerations. I have seen many times that whatever precautions you take or care you keep in working, some incidents would invariably happen in the kitchen whenever we are not alert and cautious. If not daily in 2-3 days time something like milk spilling out, fingers cutting with knife, bruises made here and there by various accessories or sharp tools, slight burning with steam or flame, and small things like that. Sometimes other family members would come to give a demonstration as how it is to be done in a perfect way only to cut their hand at some place and leave the kitchen searching for Burnol or some other ointment. Have you also experienced such incidents in the kitchen?
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    Madam, no male thinks that the kitchen work is easy. Everyone pretty well knows a lot of skills are required for completing a satisfying job in the kitchen. It requires patience, alertness, and at the same time cleanliness to keep the kitchen in a neat condition. Without women, a home becomes hell in no time. I have complete regard for the women who are the real home makers.
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    I do agree with the author that kitchen management is not that easy and one has to be alert , doing the work systematically and without any fuss. The kitchen work should planned well in advance and the run up to the same has to be initiated first otherwise the cooking would be more cumbersome. For example all the ingredients that are required must be ready and especially the vegetable should be dissed and kept ready and all the spicy items be kept ready with salt side by. Many a time the house holds does not inform the husband to fetch important things and thus while doing the kitchen work they get the reminded and disturb the husband to fetch those things urgently to finish the cooking , Therefore if someone says that cooking is easy and going that is very much wrong and lots of planning takes place to serve better.
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    Kitchen is not man's area . only women can look after kitchen management as well as house management. This kind mishap occurs when she does not focus on the work but sometimes, despite all precautions something bad happens. My wife often keeps on talking either to my sister in law or on phone while being in kitchen for boiling milk and mostly it spills out. So I advised to both of them that when you boil milk, then keep your ears to sound of boiling milk when this sound stops coming milk will spill out. So be ready. I noticed it while making tea every night after everybody in family has slept.

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    I never think that working in a kitchen is easy. In fact, I say that we have many things to learn from the kitchen. A lady who manages her kitchen well can manage the business also. They know how to do multitasking. I observe my wife when she is working in the kitchen. She will be managing 2 or 3 works simultaneously. While doing these works sometimes she will get hurt like what the author explained in the thread. But never inform anybody. If I see and ask her she may tell about that.
    Sometimes the milk will be ready to spill, if she was not there and not putting off the stove they may spill. Here the major problem for her is the cleaning of the spills. So they will be very cautions. But sometimes we may not be able to avoid them. My wife will be working in her kitchen and simultaneously hearing some devotionals songs or slokas all the time. She says that she will feel peace in the mind when she hears those songs.

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    The author has rightly said that small incidents happen very often while working in the kitchen, I have mostly noticed that whenever I think that I should heat the milk on high flame so that my work gets done very quickly, and meanwhile if I have been watching some other work for a few seconds, suddenly milk comes on the rise and falls on the gas and platform. This increases the work on it. This is a small example that caution is very important in the kitchen, but sometimes due to excess work, women commit such mistakes. That is true that managing a kitchen is a really big task and this skill to manage it in women is an indicator of their ability. Apart from this, incidents of finger cutting, hand burns, etc. also often happen to women due to which sometimes negligence and sometimes haste.
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    Managing the kitchen jobs are not that much easy. It requires alertness, swiftness and skills to handle the different chores simultaneously. It can only be done if alertness is maintained. It is easy to tell others that the the jobs undertaken by ladies in the kitchen is easy and less time consuming. However, the fact is opposite to it. Even managing the household jobs such as cleaning, floor washing, cleaning of fridge, operating washing machines for cleaning clothes and other chores are demanding time and attention. A little deviation from the job can cause accidents. Though the ladies are proficient in their jobs but due to minor negligence, they meet with accidents sometimes.

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    Working in any place is hazardous especially when fire, moving parts, and other such things are kept working in the vicinity of the worker. Kitchen is one such place where all the appliances being used are working on either electricity or gas and it is obvious that anytime some eventuality can happen if proper care and precautions are not taken, even accidents can happen.
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