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    What other countries can learn from India ?

    Cutting across the party lines and likes to any rule of this country, we did progress well in the past and present and therefore has some distinctive features of our country which makes others to envy us. That we are the vast democracy purely depending on the will of the people to rule and our voters are vibrant and well informed as to whom to elect and whom to reject. What the other countries can learn from India. Enlist at least two major cause in support of your argument and others may give more reasoning not mentioning the same points.
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    India has been a great Guru for the entire world for ages. It is the largest democratic country which inspires the whole world how ,efficiently, this largest event after every five years is conducted to transfer the governance from outgoing to incoming regime. India's culture is amazing which quite candidly impresses the people of other countries . It's an enchanted culture which takes the heart of the people quite easily. Whoever comes here, forgets to leave india. But the author has asked specifically two qualities which the whole world can learn from india. I think a book may be written on it.

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    Nowhere in the world, you will find a country where people speak different languages in different regions, wear different attires, have different food habits, followers of many religions and yet living peacefully together. Our unity in diversity is the greatest thing other countries can learn. We have a vibrant democracy which is also an example to others. Another important thing is tolerance. There is no doubt that intolerance has increased a lot everywhere but knowing fully well that many of the politicians are corrupt, people still queue up to cast their votes in favour of them. I think we can say this as a sign of tolerance which others can learn. After all, the Father of the Nation Gandhiji is the torchbearer of non-violence throughout the world.

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    Other countries can learn many things from the people of this great country India.
    Since 2016 Indian people have been struggling with demonetisation, bad GST implementation, high inflation, the economy slow down and Corona epidemic (in the year 2020). Two leading political parties are busy fighting with each other all the time. They leave us alone to solve our own problems by ourselves.
    You are right that our voters are vibrant and well informed, but we do not have good choices. People have to choose the government from the available political leaders or parties.
    So people from other countries can learn at least following two things from us:
    1. How to cooperate with our fellow citizens and help each other in any situation or problem,
    2. How to become self-dependent and do not expect much from the government.
    We always show the world how we are keeping this vast democracy alive.

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    Living together after marriage for life is the speciality of the Indians. Indian taught this concept to the whole world.
    Unity in diversity is another concept conveyed by India to the whole world. There are different religions and castes in India. But they all live together without any major problems. A real secular concept emerged from India only.
    They taught the whole world the important ancient language Sanskrit and the whole world is trying to learn this language. Like this India has given many points to the entire world,
    Our political leaders might have taught the whole world how to make money from politics and how to become richer without taking many hardships.

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    India had been the spiritual Guru to the whole world and people came here to learn about our culture and heritage. There are many students in Germany who have done their doctoral degree on Indian culture and heritage. They even learned Sanskrit language to get the feel of the things themselves. Then, we are a big democracy where so many religions are coexisting and that is a great learning for whole the world.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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