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    What is the difference between best and number one?

    I am trying to find out the difference after watching some advertisements for a particular product on television. For the same product, one company is advertising they are the number one brand in India and the other company is saying that they are the best brand in the country. I do not know what may be the criteria to be the best product and the number one product though I am thinking of it in terms of the academic performance of students in a class. A student may come first in class in all the exams but can we say that she/he is the best student in the class? A student may have a very good grasp over the subjects but not fast enough to write all the answers in the examination in time and hence cannot score well. I have heard a student, who used to come first in examinations during his school days, giving all credits to one of his classmates considering him his mentor in the science stream. His classmate used to help many other students to understand the science subjects but himself never came first in the examination. Likewise, a product may have many healthy ingredients compared to other brands but in terms of sale, it is not the highest-selling product. Maybe that's why one is termed as best and the other number one. Members, what do you think?
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    One company is claiming that they are the best brand in the country and another company is saying that they are the number one brand in the country.
    I think both of them are saying that all viewers should purchase their respective products.

    Best brand: It means it has the most attractive qualities and no other competitor in the market is like it.

    No.1 brand: It refers to top ranking among all competitors based in certain criteria.

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    Leave about company claims whether best or number one , let us analyze the meaning of the these words in our own terms. According to me the best word can be used if it proves to be superlative among the lot which are competent to over take in quality wise, look wise or acceptance wise. And the best word can be powerfully used if it has proven greater acceptance in the market by virtue of availability and repeat sales. On the other one the word number one is used as the mind changer often by the marketing company ad promoters. Because we are fond of the words new , all improved and number one which denotes no compromise and already achieved the formidable place of the recognition. But one should not get confused with such attractive words which are aimed at fooling the public and nothing else.
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    I am of the opinions that No:1 should be the best always. Both should be conveying the same meaning. The advertisers use the words as they like and they claim always that theirs is the best or N0:: 1.
    Let us imagine that there are four sections of the same class in a school. Each section will have a No:1 student in that section. Then there will be four no :1s in that class in that school. The person who got highest mark among the four will be the best student and number one of that. Class in that school.
    One product may be the best and works well. But it may not be very popular and much sales are not there. Then the product which is having highest sales can be taken as number one.

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    Best and number one are indicating almost to same thing and can be taken as cousins if not the synonyms. Actually these words are depending on the context and group population. Accordingly their meaning is made out. For example a top player in India may not bring the lowest medal in Olympics but he is number one in India. Similarly there are many number ones in their own society, village, town, city etc but fail miserably when they fight in the national level competitions. So these are used in a narrow context and do not actually mean the best.
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    I think number one means the topmost among a lot while best is incomparable. He is the best as we say it. There could be such subtle difference between the two though apparently both mean the topmost only.
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