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    When was running and jogging invented and by whom? Do you run/jog everyday?

    Hi, Running and Jogging is one of the best practice to be healthy. Do you know when running and jogging invented? As per the information running is invented by Thomas Running around 1748 and Jogging is invented by Joshua Jogging. Thomas Running invention of running is inspired by Joshua. This is very interesting one that Joshua invented this technique by walking 1 and 1/2 step at the same time. Although for jogging invention there comes more names Jerry Morris around 1950's and Arthur Lydiard. So do you jog daily to keep yourself healthy?
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    Running, jogging and walking are excellent exercise. Those who rise early go for morning walk or jogging. Some people like running especially, those who are young athletes but generally, jogging and walking are popular. The author has given good information about running and jogging but all these information have been recorded somewhere as somewhat unique things. Running or jogging are not unprecedented activities or new inventions by these two men as mentioned by the author. These are normal human activities which most of us do.

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    Good information from the author about Running and Jogging. Running and walking are good exercises. But aged people should not go for that. But walking is good exercise for everyone. We see many people, bot ladies and gents, on the roads early morning who are coming out for their walking.
    I am having the habit of walking using a treadmill daily. I will walk for about 20 minutes on the tread mill. But I discontinued from March 2020. I started walking for about 30 minutes daily. But I do this walking in the house only. I stopped going out due to the Pandemic.

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    Interesting information compiled by the author. Yes, running and jogging are two main activities undertaken by the health conscious people. This is the quick way to spend the calories to keep the body in good condition and manage the weight also. In young age doing it makes one full of energy and these people will always be ready to work. Jogging and running tone up the muscles in our bodies and make them strong. Those who do it regularly do not get tiredness and fatigue in their lives. It is advisable to learn and practice these things in early age as doing it late in the life is not recommended by health personnels. In later part of life Yoga and meditation help much.
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    Running or jogging are supposed to be the ideal exercises and help the people to keep their health in a sound condition. Many people do not like to do that as they are afraid of the pollution and bad air outside and prefer to do the exercises in the indoor gym itself. So, it is individual choice to do so but a long jogging in a park or outside is very refreshing and in the morning time many people do that.
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