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    Do you welcome twice NEET entrance proposal?

    In a far reaching decision which is almost going to be implemented the NEET entrance test which is being conducted every year for the medical aspirants across the country would now be held in computerized format and twice a year. This should be welcomed because the candidate need not waste the whole academic year just for one bad day. There has been consistent demand from fhe student community to have more than once entrance test for NEET and that is going to be reality soon . What is your reaction to this new development?
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    It is good to have two times NEET in a year. This gives an additional chance to the student to get admitted to the course and a year may not get wasted. This a welcome decision and many students may feel happy about this.
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    We would rather appreciate such a move. It was a long felt demand of the candidates appearing for the medical entrance and other studies included in the NEET pattern. Despite their hard labour, the aspirants could not show better performance for some reason or the other. May be the first test was written with a view to be familiar with pattern of questions and in that way first test was their maidan test when they could establish the mode of questions so that their next attempt goes smoothly. However, failing even in the next time could frustrate them for long since there was no way but to wait for a year.
    This provision could prove to be boon for many aspirants because of provision of two sittings in a year so that they could achieve success in either of the two sittings.

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    This is such a nice move towards the NEET examination pattern. As the author has told through his thread that for a long time there was a demand from the student community to conduct the examination twice a year, so this is going to be a good decision. I am in favor of this decision, it will save students time and energy. Such new changes in the education system should be welcomed by all because students are interested in such changes.

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    I think it's a good decision which will benefit students. It will save time and also they will have better chances to crack it.

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    Some students would definitely be benefited by this arrangement as this would give them an opportunity not to wait long in case they missed the first one. The main idea behind making it two times is to help the students in that aspect.
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