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    Why there are jokes always on 'marriage'?

    'Marriage is a beautiful forest where brave Lions are killed by beautiful deers' - Brad Pit
    'When you are in Love wonders happen. But once you get married, you wonder what happened' - Steve Jobs
    'A good wife always forgives her husband when she's wrong' - Barrack Obama

    The above were some of the popular quotes shared in Social media on the eve of world marriage day on 21st January. Marriage is our choice. When we are young and get settled in a profession or job, the hunt for a suitable girl gets started in case we have not fallen in love with someone or the endless efforts to convert it into a marriage fails. The same is the case with girls too and the parents' real struggle goes on and gains momentum when they reach the marriageable age. The ultimate reason is we feel life coming to a semi-circle when we get married and start enjoying the fruits of life.

    But I always wonder since my age of adolescence why jokes are played or cracked on marriage in most parts of our jovial atmosphere and wife becomes the centre of cynosure. Whether it's a lecturer while teaching in College or a Spiritual Guru or a leader leading a big State resort to such jokes to ease the people sitting before them. What could be the reason, according to you?
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    Very nice post from the other. Yes we do come across jokes on the marriage and it seems they are right and made by those who underwent the ordeal and after math. Marriage bogey is the closed fist, and if we open one finger after other what remains in the fist is nothing. Those who are young and yearning to get married were of the wrong notion that the life would be changed for ever after getting married but in fact the couples are pushed into the hardships of family way that may be challenging, good moments, bad period and so on. It is the fact that many are not getting the right partner and right relations after the marriage and thus the marriage always gets the rave reviews from those who got married an d going through the hardships. Nevertheless what is the life without fun and lovely challenges on the run up to glories experience of life.
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    It is a very interesting observation by the author. Marriage is a ritual in which a unison of a male and female is formalised and is kept under some social pattern. The boy is from some background and girl is from some other so it is not necessary that they will be in complete harmony and calm and take it just like that. There will be differences and confrontations but there will be an underlying bondage also. So this duality will create many situations where one cannot do anything except to take it in a hilarious ways. It is not only the differences in their background but as well said that men are from Mars and women are from Venus which means that there are some inherent differences between the personality and natural characteristics between these two and that also adds in creating funny situations which are recollected by the people in form of jokes.
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    During a Supreme Court hearing on the constitutionality of the Aadhaar Act, senior lawyer Kapil Sibal argued that no one should be allowed to look into someone else's phone, To which one of the judges replied, "Except your wife!"
    The courtroom burst into laughter.

    Husband-wife jokes constitute the majority of WhatsApp forwards, in which women are invariably shown as the cause of trouble in men's lives. When you are unmarried, your mother cooks the food. Did she ever expect that you should cook food for her? A mother would never like to see her son doing household works but when you are married your wife wants to see you cooking food for her. Perhaps, before marriage, as a girl she sees that no male member of the family does household chores like cooking food or sweeping floor, cleaning utensils and she can't force them to work as she does, perhaps this is her hidden outrage against Man and she takes revenge to her husband because he belongs to Male society.

    To all ladies:
    Don't take it seriously.

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    Marriage is an event which combines two people to lead a common life. They both form a new family and start living together. Till yesterday they are in different backgrounds and from tomorrow they have to stay together. So both of them has to understand each other and lead the life with some adjustments wherever required. Both should go together and see that their lives will go happily.
    But it has become a common issue to make fun by making jokes on the wives. That gives satisfaction to the men who can't say anything to his wife on her face. So many men enjoy these jokes and that is the reason I feel many jokes will come on ladies. But in real life boys may be the real sufferres.

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    ,Marriage is nothing but bondage of two souls though their temperaments and charecterstics may not match but even then, they would not like to have any separation despite the fact that there exists a lot of difference between them. Hence we have different jokes highlighting their charecters which sometimes create laughter. Life should not be monotonous for the married people and to inject some pleasure in their married lives, they should enjoy such jokes providing them pure entertainment.

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    We do not know what are the reasons but there are so many jokes based on the husband and wife relationship. They are funny but some of them trigger a thought in our mind that is this relationship is so weak that everyone makes a mockery of it. This types of jokes are not in good taste as they make a mockery of the institution of the marriage which is supposed to be a pious relationship.
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    An interesting thread by the author. Relationships are of two types, the first ones that God has given us, the relationships with which we have come in this world. And other relationships are what we choose ourselves. Marriage is also a relationship that perhaps we and our family choose. But this relationship is very sensitive and small conflicts often bring great distance in this relationship. Probably, because of this relationship, nobody ever says that this relationship is perfect and people often make jokes related to marriage to make fun of each other.
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