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    Mere wants, just wants and sustained wants

    Our living is happening with demands for three kind of wants for survival and going . One the mere wants, which are seems to be not that so important and yet we harp of such things which can be postponed to further dates. Next is the just wants, which are time being wants and that can be adjusted with availability or not. And the last being the sustained wants, which are continued requirements in our life. What could be other kind of wants which the member envisage to point out here. Please reason out.
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    Wants of people can be classified into three categories necessaries, comforts and luxuries.
    Necessaries: These are essential requirements of people for their lives like food, clothing, home, medical care, education, etc.
    Comforts: These wants refer to the goods and services which make life easier and comfort­able. They provide freedom from suffering, anxiety, pain, etc. Comforts improve our health. like fans, coolers, well-furnished houses etc.
    Luxuries: luxuries refer to the goods and services which give us pleasure and prestige. Motor cars, air conditioners, diamond jewellery, designer clothes, etc.

    Necessities are to be available for everyone to live, rest comforts and luxuries depend on the people's choice, status and capabilities.

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    Wants are many. There is no end for wants. As one wish is fulfilled another will arrive,
    We require some items to live on this earth. They are necessities. Food, clothes, house are the necessities.
    When we are hungry, we want something to eat. Once our hunger is satisfied we start looking for tasty foods and so the wants will get extended.
    We want some clothes to cover our body. Once we have some clothes we start looking for quality clothes and fashion designs. These are the extended wants.
    When there is a rented house we start thinking about our own house. Like this, our needs will go from necessities to comforts to luxuries.

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    This reminds me a very interesting short story by the great Russian writer L.eo Tolstoy. The title of the story was 'How Much Land Does a Man Require?' and was published in the year 1886. The story is about a greedy person who has unlimited wants and he was once given a choice to gather as much land for him just by running and encircling it and was to be given the land which he gathers by evening by reaching the starting place in time. Due to his lust for property or riches he was trying to make as much as possible and was not able to come back in time as per the condition of offer and due to exertion and exhaustion died on the way back. So we should have wants but limited to our livelihood and survival plus to carry our responsibilities. There is no point in accumulating wealth which we would never be able to use.
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    Nice story from Umesh that supports this post to much extent.
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    Given a choice everyone will have a large number of wants and wishes. There is no limit for that imagination. But do we really require so much is the question that a sensible and prudent person should ask himself and depending on the answer only one should exert for that unnecessary efforts in the life. Wants have no boundaries and it is better to contain them under one's wisdom.
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