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    Your ability to learn is depend on your thinking.

    A person can learn from anyone, whether he is old or young. Not only this, humans can learn a lot from everything around them, not only from humans but also from animals, birds, but the problem comes when humans do not understand the importance of learning. God has given this special ability to humans that we can learn from anyone, at whatever age we want, but many times a person considers himself to be sensible and abandons his tendency to learn due to his ego and it hurts himself. There is no limit to learning nor is there any age, the more we learn, the stronger we will be.
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    Learning is a continuous process that transforms the individual capacity and enables him to do better in life. Different people have different learning capacity if one understands a point in one-minute others may get the point within seconds.
    For learning people should always be ready to learn irrespective of his age. People who are ready to learn and leave egos aside become great people. For getting some knowledge there is nothing wrong if you need to ask to tell someone younger than you. Humility is a great quality that helps to learn from people of different age group. You ask them something, they will be ready to help you with what is best for you.

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    A good thought from the author. Getting knowledge and learning is indeed a life long process which never comes to an end because the ocean of learning and treasure of knowledge can't be measured. It's too vast to be covered in this short life. We can have immense knowledge not only from books but from people as well. Sometimes, even children give us enormous clues to solving tough problems. We can learn a lot from our elderly people who have vast experience of life, reading talks of people and understanding profoundly of different issues. We should be more pragmatic than sophisticated. It brings in our perfection. Nobody is perfect, however, we can be closer to perfection as a human being.
    We should be a friend of books, articles and writings of great people who dedicated their lives to certain cause to serve humanity. They should be taken as torchbearers for us.

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    Yes it depends on person ability and desire to learn. One learns from everyone even the nature teaches us a lot. One can learn directly or indirectly from others. Directly learning is when you are asked to imitate like someone and indirect learning is when you are asked to learn while observing someone.

    That's true we learn even from the animals. Even we learn from own mistakes but there are people in the society who don't learn from their mistakes and repeat them in the future too such people always fail in their work.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    A person's level of success is determined by his/her capacity to think. The far we can think, the far we can reach in life. There's no end to learning. We can learn anything, anytime and anywhere but it all depends on the choices I make in life. Indeed, there are obstacles and hindrance which have to be overcome to do what we want to accomplish. There is family pressure, anxiety issues, financial problems, inadequate space, and many other problems. To begin anything smoothly, we always have two options. The first is to ignore the problems and concentrate on our work. This seems easy but it's hard to do. None of us are problem-free and we can't ignore our problems in one go. Second thing is that we can find solutions to important problems no matter big and small. This seems difficult but it's easy to do. This method is very time-consuming and results may not be in our favor in the end. So, ultimately, we would have to opt for the first method.
    If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.

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    That is true. If you think you know everything you will not look around to learn but you look around to find fault. But if you think you have to learn a lot, when you look around you will find many things which are new to you and from which you can learn.
    There is no relation between age and learning. An aged man can also learn from a infant also. Only requirement is that the person should have the desire to learn.
    As a matter of fact these days many elders may not have knowledge about various technological developments. If they ask the young people in the house they will get a veryood knowledge from them.

    always confident

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