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    Why not Arvind Kejriwal as the next PM candiditate?

    The biggest plus of the present PM of India, who is still popular in spite of so many blunders and total dictatorship, with the worst record of economic management since Independence, is the lack of a viable candidate from the Opposition to challenge him. This is simply a myth and there is at least one who can don the mantle, provided the entire Opposition, including the Congress, talk in the same voice about the giant mistakes of Mr. Modi and his ineffective team of Ministers.

    One such leader is Arvind Kejriwal. In spite of all opposition, he has managed to govern New Delhi very well. He is just not corrupt. So, he can be on the same page as Modi. And he should rake up real issues like how the Raffle contract was given to a rogue industrialist like Anil Ambani, who had the worst record of swindling public money.

    He should talk about rural distress. He should talk about the dangers of excessive capitalism, particularly of the crony kind of capitalism. He should talk about viable alternatives. For example, strengthening of the Public Distribution System should compulsorily happen, so that the very poor people can at least have their heads above water. We need at least three challengers.

    Another person is Nitish Kumar, who has wasted all his strengths by aligning with the worst communal party of India. Let us now look at the better alternatives. This present regime should be thrown out of power in around four years from now.
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    A very bad thought from you. It is known well that you are an anti-BJP guy who always talk ill about the present government. Was there any pandemic like COVID-19 after independence? It is not only the Indian economy, but the whole world economy has gone down. Modi has managed the pandemic. Was there any demonetization after independence? Modi was bold and courageous to have demonetization. Was there any good highways in India? BJP government got it done from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

    You are talking about AK as PM. According to me he is not Mr. Clean. He is a betrayer who kept Anna Hazare in lurch. He kicked the ladder after reaching the height. AAP is not familiar with prominent leaders in other states except Delhi UT. So, no question of AK becoming the PM candidate.

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    Delhi assembly election 2020: A poster of Arvind Kejriwal urging citizens to call on a helpline number to give their inputs for nation-building was put up outside the AAP headquarters in Delhi. AAP started the outreach programme soon after the early trends poured in indicating a huge win for the party.

    Another poster of 'Arvind Kejriwal vs Narendra Modi 2024' was spotted at AAP's party office, during the vote counting. An AAP supporter was holding the poster outside the party office, pitching Arvind Kejriwal as a PM candidate for Lok Sabha election 2024.

    Around Kejriwal had been an Income Tax Commissioner. He was an honest officer. He actively participated in the Anna Hazare movement and emerged as a known face. He utilised the effect of this movement in politics. His political tactics proven him successful against consolidated efforts of the entire BJP team which included, HM, Party President, ministers, MPs and all in 2020 Delhi elections. He asked voters to vote for his work. He used religious plank against BJP too. He successfully subdued all slogans of BJP leaders by his rhetorical tactics. He presented soft-Hindutva before voters.
    He is the best candidate for PM office in next elections but it will not be easy for him and his party. He has to contest state elections to see the pulse of people and should garner support on a grass-root level.
    In latest Panchayat poll elections in Maharashtra AAP contested 300 seats and won about 100 seats. Now it's coming in UP 2022 elections. It will pave the way for his bright chances if he clicks in UP.

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    SuN Sir is totally blind to facts. Demonetization was the worst economic decision that totally destroyed the unorganized sector and killed the middle class at some stage or the other. Sir, what happened? Are you so naive that you do not look at facts?

    For the record, even the RBI has said that 98% of the old notes came back into the so-called "System". Modi acted like a dictator and took the disastrous decision. And regarding Corona. He did the worst job in handling such a massive migrant crisis. The minimum that the great Government should have done is to have offered some good compensation to the migrant labour in terms of some money in their banks. Sir, for your information, it was this same Government that gave away Rs.13,000 odd crores to Anil Ambani's Reliance Communications, knowing fully well, that is a gone case. And then he has rewarded the Rafale Contract. Will SuN Sir please explain this atrocity?

    The farm laws are totally silent on the Minimum Support Price. Had the Government done its homework, 60 innocent lives could have been saved. Farmers are there in the bitter cold with their wives and children. Still, the Government is so insensitive. This is the worst Government of India, after Independence. Of course, you can go on singing peans of praise for such a horrible Government, but one day, everything will turn against the great leader, who has still not given a press conference at all.

    And if people like you still support the Management of the economy, God save this country from further ruin.

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    Mr. ABS,
    I would simply say - If love is thin, faults are thick. According to me, Modi handled the pandemic well. It is not only for India, but all the nations across this good earth. Still, other countries have not come out from the clutches of Corona. We are ahead with vaccines against the deadly virus and we are helping other countries with the vaccine. India is not a small country to cater to the needs of all citizens. You are talking about migrant labours. They are not less in number. Why are you talking about Ambani? Why not Mallayya who was favoured by the previous governments. About the farmers. The protestors are only 6 percent of the total farmers of India. They are rich and ultra-rich farmers who have poor farmers under their feet and towed them to the borders. Also, they are adamant. They can sustain on the borders, and enjoy a picnic-like life.
    Despite the demonetization, GST, CAA, Pandemic, etc, Modi will go for a third term, I am sure.

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    No leader can stay in power forever, it's a fact. Indeed, Mr Modi is the most popular leader of the country at the moment and no other leader stands before his charismatic stature, but how long his popularity will go? Once you have reached the top, afterwards, there are no more stairs to go up. History witnesses that those who reached on top started to decline after some time. It's an undeniable reality. Now, who can be an alternative to our present prime minister? Can this question not be discussed? The author has chosen Kejriwal to replace him in the next parliament elections. What is wrong in this opinion? Only by saying Kejriwal can't win the election unless a majority of the country have this opinion too. But if people still like Mr Modi to hold prime minister office he will be continued.
    As far as Kejriwal is concerned I think you don't know much about him and national politics, especially, northern Indian politics. Will you google to see some interesting facts- Who used Anna Hazare?

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    Of course, arvind kejriwal will be the next
    Prime minister of India but it will take some years . He is still confined to Delhi and still he has to reach other parts of India.He is honest , educated and cares about his people but very few people know about him and his governance in other states . He has transformed the government educational and healthcare system and the people do not know it in other states because the media never shows all this. The media always shows how he used the anna movement to catapult himself into politics and his other petty drawbacks but never his work. The media houses are busy trying to tarnish his image . Why should we trust the media when the global rank of Indian media has fallen below the new born media of afghanistan. Today the media is controlled by corporate houses via ads and has lost itself .
    Today or tomorrow , people will know about his work but it will take time. He also faces press from time to time unlike the big hero .
    The modi era is at its zenith and it will wither away gradually . Twelve years ago the people who were congress fans are now bjp fans and
    In the future they will change their allegiance.
    Narendra modi is a wonderful orator and a good leader but he is a bit poor at governance.
    After him , there will be options but the best one will be arvind kejriwal.

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    Does the PM chair has become so cheap on decide those who are not even eligible to contest, nor known to the people of the nation nor have the International exposure. I too liked Arivind Kejriwal in the beginning when he was teaming up with Kiran Bedi and Anna Hazare, then he parted ways from the Anna Hazare and become the regular politician of even going with Congress thoughts. Known to be good IAS officer and commendable in his work PM chair needs someone who can deal with International expectations too. I do not see any formidable candidate either in Congress or any other party as they lack the people confidence and does not have the exposure to national issues. Talking about Arivind Kejriwal he is centered in Delhi and never even comes to South and how can people know him to vote. So chose other person and we would review.
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    There is no eligibility criterion in politics and anyone can become CM or PM in this country. Only thing is people should vote for him and if he does good to people especially the rural and poor ones then why people will not vote to him. The author is asking the question in a very sarcastic way as he himself is not sure whether Kejriwal can become the next PM or not. If he works for the betterment of the people and if Delhi is a benchmark and people agree to it then why not, he can very well become PM. These things cannot be predicted. The political events and unfolding of related events would decide it.
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    I am not going to discuss Mr. Kejriwal or for that matter any other individual. I do not accept that there is no viable alternative. There will always be viable alternatives and even better candidates than the incumbent Prime Minister. When the time comes a suitable candidate will emerge. Just like the author, I am also not a fan of Mr. Modi. I am not happy with his style of governance. He will be there till the term ends and may even get one more term which of course is not to my liking. The will of the people prevails at that time. The search for suitable candidates should start and there is nothing wrong if some names are suggested and discussed.
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    As long as the vacuum of formidable opposition leader is not filled, India cannot think of alternative to Modi as of now. The country has to recover from the huge pandemic loss, the economy has to be reviewed , the rejig to boost certain reforms must and all these can be possible with that person who has gone through the ordeal and has the lasting solution to recoup . India lacks good leaders who oppose Modi in best way and none are available as of now and that is why BJP is stronger in the past and growing as the undisputed party which understand the pulse of the voters for sure.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    No state government in entire country does stand before Delhi in education and public health care . Delhi government has done wonderful service of the state in these two sectors. I think Delhi is the role model for all other states of our country. They have to work hard. People of Delhi don't vote for religion or caste. Last assembly elections witnesses when various parties tried to change the election wave in their favour but on other side only one man was standing and debunking his opponents with simple technique and that was "work for people of Delhi and development of the state" and they chose kejriwal because they think with mind and not with heart.
    I don't think Kejriwal will be welcomed in UP as AAP is coming in this state to contest 2022 elections because in UP- voters, especially, of rural areas will not vote for AAP however , it may have foothold in urban UP. I think AAP has to try in other states, especially, in South Indian states because they are politically more matured.
    I don't think Kejriwal has any chances of becoming PM of the country in near future, However, he is the right person to lead this country after some years, probably after 2029 elections.

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    Delhi being a Union Territory and only a small area, it was possible for Mr. AK to achieve something in the field of education and health care. It may not be possible to have it in a big state which is many thousand times larger than Delhi. AK 's AAP is not familiar in southern states of India. AK will have to work very hard to be a PM of this country. That would be possible only if Modi spares his chair for others.
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    I doubt whether Shri Kejriwal can be a strong opponent to Shri Modi. I am not saying this based on their capabilities but just based on their political strategies. Kejriwal was hasty and could not fully cash in on his relationship with Shri Anna Hazare and his anti-corruption movement. But Modiji was smarter. Despite his failures as the Chief Minister of Gujarat (Let me just give the example of Shouchalya project by the centre led by him. We need to note that he was not able to ensure that every house in Gujarat had a toilet even after being in power, continuously, for fifteen years), he was clever enough to cash in the Hindutva ideology and the Ayodhya issue. Kejriwal ditched Anna and Modi ditched all the veterans of his party who helped in establishing a Hindutva wave across the nation. But Modi took his own sweet time to cultivate his aims and Kejriwal failed in that aspect. And that makes a whole lot of difference, not democratically but politically.

    If the query is simply 'why not Kejriwal'? Then why not Sashi Tharoor?

    'To know what you know and what you do not know, that is true knowledge.'-Confucius

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    There may be many alternatives. We never thought that YS Jagan Mohan Reddy will become the CM of Andhra Pradesh. We don't know what will be the mindset of people during the next elections? We don't know who will be the PM candidate of the opposition party in the coming election. Still, there is a lot of time.
    Arvind can become the PM if his party contests all over India or makes an alliance with other parties and gets majority seats in Lok Sabha. Nobody can stop him. If people votes for him and for his friendly parties. But all the parties contesting together should accept him.
    Even KCR of Telangana is also having a plan to become PM. He is also eligible to become PM of this country. Similarly, there will be many politicians who are aspiring for that post. The only issue is people has to vote for their parties.

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    Why everyone failed to remember Chandrababu Naidu. He is a good administrator and a clever politician. It was his bad luck to part ways with BJP and eventually lost to Jagan Mohan Reddy and his living has become horrible in AP and better he shift his interest to the national politics. Had he not joined hands with corrupt Congress, he would have some respect with the voters but he got badly humiliated with wrong alliance on Congress and now sulking. It does not mean he was totally discarded and he has the organizing capacity to form a formidable alternative against BJP in future.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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