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    How to generate self employment?

    There is a big unemployment problem in our country at various levels for different people ranging from the uneducated youths to highly educated ones. The Govt says that people should try to search for self employment opportunity rather than depending on the Govt or private jobs. Traditionally, a large number of people in our country were aspiring for jobs only as they did not have any idea as how to generate the self employment. It is not easy to establish ones own employment by delivering services or selling some items. That arena is also very crowded. In such a situation what can be the alternatives that one has to consider for establishing a small business or service outlet or providing services of various types even in the houses of the needy people who can pay for those services. Please contribute your thoughts on this important issue.
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    When someone wants to start his own business , first he has to weigh how much money he possesses to invest. Without money business can not be started , However, someone can do work on the basis of commission for any firm or businessman without investing money. Now a days people earn a handsome amount through internet also. If someone is well qualified and is expert in particular a subject or has professional qualification in any field, he may impart his knowledge through YouTube channel. This is the easiest way of earning money without investment.
    Suppose if you are expert in physics, you may start making videos of teaching physics. Suppose you can teach physics of high school or intermediate or B.Sc, you purchase the books of physics which are in curricula and make a setup of a classroom in your home. Initially you may use only a blackboard and OHP etc may be used on later stages when you start money. Now have someone with mobile/camrs who may shoot you conducting class and upload it on YouTube channel. If students subscribe and like your channel you may hope to earn money.

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    Dong self business is far more fetching provided there is good know how and total support with cooperation from all. Some games are having very good small scale business proposals to which they even have the end customers to accept the products and thus venturing into business should only be the motto and the project is funded by the bank Apart from this there are some national organization which has the infrastructure and know to ready made start of the business only thing that the person must have the zeal to work. So self help groups can be formed to start any home made product hub and cater to the members for sure.
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    It is not easy to generate earning employment for oneself as the whole world is crowded with entrepreneurs and business minded entities. Still one can in one's humble ways start a small business and check the nerves of the customer for that particular product or service and if it clicks then definitely there is a way to expand the business based on the demand and number of customers.
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    There are chances for starting their own business so that they need not search for a job. In addition to that, the person who started his business can provide a job for some people. But it is not an easy task to create employment opportunities. In India, in every field competition is very high. If somebody starts a new business and if it is encouraging many people to start the same business. Because of this, the business may not sustain for long and many people start closing down their operations. So whatever we do should be unique and people should not be able to copy the model easily. Then only we will get some profits and business runs for some time peacefully.
    Many companies are outsourcing some works that are being done by them earlier. If we can take those works, Based on our skills we can take up some such works and employ people as required. These contracts will be given on yearly basis and monthly pro-rata amounts will be paid. Many government companies are going for such an arrangement and hence chances will increase in the coming months. So to start a service company and render services to such companies.

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    Agreed with the author, after the pandemic, there is unemployment increased at the world level and many ask for self-employment. Online classes, tuitions, etc are some options for this but starting a small business is also a good option if one has entrepreneur qualities. Whenever any business is started, first of all, it is important that you can manage your finances. The excessive loan also becomes a problem, so you should try to take a loan based on your ability, if there is less capital then you can start a small business at least in the amount. The idea of ??which product to do business for is most important, for this, keep in mind the demand and need of the place where you are putting your business. It is also necessary to see if the business is small or big if you know the art of marketing with good quality, then a small shop can also beat the big shop. No one gets the benefit suddenly, but by working hard you will definitely get the results.
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