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    India's efforts to produce Covaxin is appreciating

    It has been more than a year now that the world is battling with covid19 pandemic. So many lives have been lost to this virus and people are still under its shadow. Though there has been a massive effort to get the vaccine for this virus. Right now we are at the stage when there is hope that chain can be broken and people may get some relief.
    When many countries started to produce a vaccine to defeat this virus, India didn't remain behind. India also intensified its efforts to produce a vaccine and pharmaceutical company Bharat Biotech was successful to produce Covaxin. Though worries remain, I hope those worries would be addressed also and concerns of people will end soon.
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    Many people do not want to take risk and that is applicable to some Govt also. They will say that why to take unnecessary headache and let us import the vaccine from advanced foreign countries and use it. If it works fine and if this does not work then the responsibility can be transferred to those foreign countries and we enjoy our life here in India. But the present Govt is not like that and wants to take new challenges and risks also and if in that process gets name and fame and international accolades then it deserves it. No risk no gain. As far as the efficacy of a vaccine is considered I would again reiterate that no vaccine is 100% foolproof and people having multiple ailments and severely ill should not be given this vaccine. Unfortunately the common people do not know these technical things and swim in the flow created by the people who have a habit of misleading people especially against the ruling party. We should analyse things under the umbrella of knowledge and wisdom and not under the political motives.
    Knowledge is power.

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    The good news is that the vaccines produced from Hyderabad by Bharat Biotech is of high standard and of International specifications with good immune booster certified by even researchers therefore the desks are now clear and there is no apprehensions of any severe set backs. As the front line doctors and the medical staff started taking the vaccines, the confidence of the people further increased and now the company is going to get huge orders from other countries and that brings name and fame to our city and nation, One thing is sure even in this tried times India could prove the world that it contained the death rates , the surging of spread has been stopped and whole lots of thanks to those doctors and health workers who proved their best and thus India got the good name from WHO in managing the covid so far.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    India is always a forerunner in vaccine manufacturing. This is once again proved as two vaccines for Coronavirus are manufactured for distribution not only in our country but also to the needy countries around the world. The country should be proud that it is doing its duty to humankind in these critical pandemic times. The first phase of vaccination in our country is going on as planned and will be completed shortly, after which the rest of the country will be vaccinated. Well done India.
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    We must applaud the efforts of the present Govt in pushing the manufacturing this vaccine in India and it is not only beneficial to us but it has some hidden business opportunity as many countries would prefer to import the India make vaccine as China is getting poor rating in this regard. This is the first time that India has embarked on such an ambitious program of vaccine manufacturing in spite of so many bottlenecks.
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    India is a front runner in Pharma Industry. Even we supplied chloroquine to various countries for treating COVID 19 in the initial stages. That way India is a famous country and we have the capability of developing new drugs and medications to various problems.
    It is really to be appreciated that some companies did excellent work and come out with reliable Vaccines for Corona. Bharat Biotech's vaccine is going on well and I have not heard any major problem after administering this vaccine to the people.
    PM. Modi visited both the companies that are manufacturing the vaccine and personally congratulated and thanked the companies for their hard and committed work. Now we are sending these vaccines to other countries also and these two companies made India proud.

    always confident

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