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    10 popular Google doodle games you should play for fun, entertainment and relaxation.

    Hi, As we know Google launched many doodle games in past. In 2020 during lockdown period Google launched an initiative called ' popular Google doodle games'. During that time I have played few of them. Below I am listing top 10 Google doodle games. Please share if anyone of you played these games in your desktop, laptop and in smartphone.

    1. Cricket : I played this game too much on my device.
    2. Scoville
    3.Garden Gnome
    4. PAC MAN
    5. Coding Carrots
    6. Quick, Draw!
    7. Soccer
    8. Magic Cat Academy
    9. Crossword Puzzle
    10.The Pony Express

    I still play Google doodle games to feel relax. As they can be played without downloading from play store and to keep them. These are light games to play and enjoy. Do you play doodle games?
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    This is one good piece of information that Google Doodle is offering free games. I was not aware of this as I was playing only the established games in the internet and that also limited to the board games like word making and spelling building. I had played scrabble, Mahajong, and monopoly also for sometime. The real thrill of a game is there when we play it in a big screen with high resolution. Some of these are really addictive ones.
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    I am not having the habit of playing online games. But sometimes I will try solitaire or Freecell games. Very rarely I play 2048 also. I never played games on Google Doodle. Thanks to the other for a good piece of information.
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    Interesting information has been shared by the author through his thread. Although I have never played these games still the information given by the author is useful for me especially for other children in my house. As mentioned, these games help in relaxing, so maybe we should take interest in these games once in our free time. From the list given by the author, Crossword puzzle games seem interesting to me as I like to play puzzles, so I will try to play them in my free time.
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