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    How do spend your free time or holidays?

    Everybody has leisure. Some people have only Sunday or non-working days from their office or work. How people spend their leisure depends on the person's volition. Some people spend their time watching movies in a cinema hall or going with family for a picnic day. Some people choose to visit any close relatives or friend's home, some people like to go for an outing around nearby beautiful locations or restaurants but nowadays most of the people like to spend their time with mobile/tablet/laptop. It has become so much common that if someone is not using his gadget despite having leisure, it appears that something is wrong with his gadget.
    If people have a week or so to leisure then some people like to visit any hill station, whereas I like to visit in-laws home or sometimes, relatives home (who like to welcome their relatives as a guest) to spend a few days with them because in this age of busyness everyone seems to be busy. If they don't visit my home and I also reciprocate in the same way that why I should visit them, it widens the gap as I don't like to sever ties with them without a genuine reason. I don't forget to visit ailing person too while being in leisure.
    How do you spend your leisure?
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    When the whole week gets hectic with office work and no room for interactions with family members and other relations the Sunday would be effectively used for the same. Moreover friends and relatives would be eagerly waiting for me or they would visit for many reasons. Even at home all the members need to sit and decide the course of actions to be taken during the next week and what went wrong during the last week need to be probed. All these things happen. Moreover I am fond of small children and there are few in our relations would would be expecting my visit to them and that bonding is great feeling as the one year old child interaction with me in sign language as the talking ability still in the learning stage. I love to interact in that way and thus gets time passed during the holiday dedicated to all.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Being a retired person every day is a holiday for me. Spending time is an art and also a matter of intrigue in the sense that if you spend it properly it falls short and otherwise it appears too long and too boring. Let me first narrate what are the main ways in which a person can spend his precious time on a holiday. Broadly there are two ways - one is the passive one where we do not do any activity and are a recipient only and enjoy through our senses, for example going for a movie, chit chatting with friends or relatives, enjoying sumptuous meals etc. Other is the creative one where we are engaged in something constructive which adds value to our life and in the process we learn new things or excel in the already acquired faculties and feel happy about it. So, it is individual choice as which path he takes and moves on in the journey of life . I would prefer the latter mode.
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    I get leisure time only on Sundays and on Sundays I wake up late in the morning and spend quality time with the kids. I play with them and watch their favourite movies along with them. In the afternoon I sleep for an hour and go for dinner out with the family. Time passes so fast on Sunday spending time with the kids.

    Like you I too go to relative's home when I have holidays or on Sunday. I also think that we should not devote all leisure time playing with the mobile or watching tv.


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    During my career, I used to be very busy and even Sundays I used to have some work and I used to attend that work. Otherwise, on Sunday I used to prefer to have a good sleep after lunch which is not possible on ther weekdays. Now I am a retired man and I do consultancy only. So I need not go to the office every day and I have a lot of time to spend. Now I spend the majority of my times on my laptop only. I don't sleep during the daytime. I rarely watch a TV show. But I used to go to movies with my family. But from the last 10 months no cinema halls.
    I spend some time playing with my granddaughters and the remaining time on the laptop. I attend many online surveys. I spend some time writing Telugu poems. That is how my day time goes.

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    Sunday or any holiday is a special day but since I am a member of a joint family and also a daughter, due to this, my contribution and responsibility to the work of the house are more and hence, me and all my brothers and sisters, we spend our most time on Sunday and other holidays, to the cleaning and other work is involved in the house. Many times after being free from all the work, we sit with my family and watch any movie. Apart from this, we can never make a plan to visit the whole family together because there are elderly members in the house who do not like to go outside, then someone has to stay at home for their care. That is why we do work like going to the market or a relative house, according to our convenience from the days of the week because Sunday is such a feeling at my house as if there is a function because everybody is at home on that day.
    Swati Sharma

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