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    Delhi Police has allowed farmers union to take out tractor rally

    Latest news reports say that Delhi police has consented to the protesting farmers union to take out a tractor rally on Republic Day.

    The reports say that the route is being finalised and is away from the Government Republic Day parade area. However as of now the unions have not agreed to limit or give the correct count of tractors participating in the rally.

    In the light of various discussions in ISC forum , what do you think about the new development?

    What will be the dimensions and out come from this. Whether this will strengthen the government side or the unions side? By insisting on a tractor rally on Republic Day and envisaged to be huge and taking hours (as per their side version), who is the real target audience for the unions? Whom they want to impress and convince? What is your views in this regard?
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    Even after the governments offer to suspend the laws for 18 months, if the farmers are adamant to go with their tractor rally in Delhi to show off their strength, it is bad on the part of farmers. No public of India would support the farmers' tractor rally. Earlier it was said that 5000 tractors would participate in the rally. It would be a nuisance and disturbance to the people of Delhi. A tractor is of minimum 10 meters length without its trailer. If a trailer is attached it would be of 25 meters approx (Just a calculation) . If 5000 tractors participate in the rally, the length of the rally would be of 100 Kms.

    If the rally moves quitely and peacefully without making any problem to anyone, it is well and good, but if they create problem, they would face the music.

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    I think it's a good decision to allow them to take their tractor rally or parade show(as they say) on Delhi roads. I was thinking that after this impasse between them and government, police might not allow them, I was apprehensive about it as it might create serious problems for police and administration, but now I think they will take their rally peacefully in the capital.
    This rally will show their strength and probably, as they expect, will have the support of Delhi people too.

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    On the one hand they do not pose confidence on themselves, nor they have the confidence in the court or the committees appointed by the SC, they would not give concrete proposal to center nor they visit the court for amicable end to the stir, still expects pressured tactic can bring some thoughts in govt and by getting permission to hold the tractor rally what they want to prove the govt which seized of the situation announcing holding of the farm laws for 18 months and let the SC committee recommend the court. In this situation the tractor rally seems to be the upset idea and only to create uneasy, commotion and much disruptions to already busy vehicular traffic and also disrupt the peaceful march past of the R day parade. Anyway the people have come to know the real intentions of so called farmers and they would truly exposed.
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    Govt is using the old method of exposing the opposition for their wrong deeds and make them low and mean in the eyes of the general public and when they lose the public sympathy hammer them and disintegrate their efforts. Same thing is now going to happen and people will simply laugh on their tractor march on the eve of republic day. It is only some of the anti-national elements, disgruntled people, criminals, some having their vested interest if the opposition parties come in power, some who simply envy the present ruling party, some who are always having an anti-establishment feelings, and likewise. So this is a congregation of people without any common ideology or patriotic feeling for the well being of the country. These are the forces which always ruined India and hampered its progress in the international arena.
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    The Delhi Police is yet to give final clearance and it depends on the route. This may be resolved amicably between the Farmers and the Delhi Police. The farmer leaders were saying that their tractor rally will not interfere with the timings of the Republic Day parade. They are also confident that a good number of tractors take part in the rally and it will be peaceful.
    The Government of India approached the Supreme Court to restrain the farmers from conducting a tractor rally on Republic Day. The Supreme Court declined to interfere and left it to Delhi Police who will look after the law and order problem in Delhi. Let us not look at this rally as a flashpoint between the Government and the farmers. The Government due to its own concerns approached the Supreme Court to restrain the rally. The Supreme Court very correctly did not interfere and left it to the Delhi Police and allowed the Government to withdraw its case. The farmers on their part want to conduct this rally to showcase their unity and determination. They want to boost their morale and make a further impression on the public of India. The farmer leaders are so far vigilant in not allowing the political parties to enter into their agitation. There may be some people without any basis claim that this is an agitation to defame the Government. The Government has already defamed itself by the way these farm laws were pushed without any consultations and getting them passed by dubious methods.
    This should be viewed as a morale booster to the agitating farmers. This is neither a victory nor defeat for any of the parties concerned. The real victory for the farmers comes when the laws are repealed and fresh laws are made with due consultations with all the people concerned.

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    A Tamil newspaper reports that there would be 30000 tractors participating in the rally, and an English newspaper reports that there would be more than two lakh tractors in the rally. Can't trust the news.

    What would be the approx number of tractors in the rally? If it is in lakhs, does it mean that every farmer of Punjab and Haryana have their own tractors? If yes, are they not rich farmers?

    It is good that the police accorded permission for the rally from different points. I wish the rally should move on peacefully, And all the protesting farmers should return home safely to continue with their farming. Meanwhile, the discussion should be ON for the next 18 months to find solutions. Farmers should give up their adamant demand for a repeal of the farm laws.

    Trouble creators if any should be dealt with firmly.

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    I think the route is not at finalised and the tractor rally will start only after the Republic day celebration is completed. The route is not at finalised. The Delhi police say the farmer's unions have not given any proposed route for their show and it is also said that they will think about that only after they receive the details from the farmers.
    I think it is good that the police took a wise decision in according permission to them. The people will think that the police and the government acted in a democratic way. The farmers assure that the rally will go peacefully. So let us hope there will not be any problem and the Republic day events will go peacefully.

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    In our country traditionally no one is disallowed to take out rallies and processions of any kind till they do not turn violent or offend the sentiments of other people. So, allowing tractor rally is in that spirit only and there is no issue in it. If the farmers fraternity want to showcase this as a matter of their solidarity then let them show it. I am sure that this kind of money no farmers will be spending and we have to find out the source of money for such big processions and agitations. If the source is illegitimate than Govt can stop it under the fraudulent and hawala money restrictions. NIA is already on the job of finding any such link with the money suppliers for some other mean political purposes.
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    The initiative taken up the by the police allowing the farmers to demonstrate tractor rally is a welcome move any attempt to suppress this development could cause only frustration to the farmers. Allowing the farmers for the tractor rally would be one way to pacify their mood and that could be the best alternative this time. They will have the opportunity to show their strength before the public and this should not be any sensitive issue. Assurance has been by the farmers regarding their peaceful demonstration. Hence there should not be any problem to police in connection with their demonstration.

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    Dear All,
    What would happen after the big tractor rally stretching over 100 kilometers? Will the farmers return home and continue to have the dialogues with the government for the next 18 months, or they would continue to protest on the borders? Will they continue to carry their adamant attitude by not yielding to the government offer suspending the laws for 18 months and Supreme Courts order to stay and form a special committee to solve their problem?

    I think farmers should become cool and peace should prevail between the government and the farmers after the Republic day Tractor rally.

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    The farmers are not likely to stop their agitation. It is not good for any agitation to continue for a long time. A senior leader of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, Mr. Suresh Joshi, expressed the same. It is better the Government climbs down and repeal the laws.
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    News reports thrive on speculations and sensations. There may be some real discussions going on with the Police dept and the protestors and let us hope both arrive at a practical and honourable solution which will not mar the dignity of the Day. The farmers too are citizen of tis nation and will have respect and regard for their motherland. Both sides have to b very much alert and vigilant to foil any attempt by vested interest to sow seeds of discord and mistrust between the police,and protestors. Both sides should be extra vigilant to prevent any infiltration and sneaking and hijacking by trouble makers.

    Media too should stop spreading rumours and gossips and report and behave sensibly.

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    Police and farmer union have concluded some common points to take their tractor rally or parade in Delhi. Routes have been outlined. Hope 26th January goes peacefully.
    But farmers will continue their protest even after this rally. They are firmed and determined to stay on the boarder . They are not ready to return their homes unless their demands are accepted.
    Thousands of farmers are reaching Delhi on their tractors and as they expect more or less 3 lac tractors will run on Delhi roads.

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