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    We do not have another chance

    It is said that a person is known by the company he keeps. I feel it is a perfectly judicious statement and in our lives if we are trapped in a bad company then it is a great harm done to us which we would not understand in the first instance but slowly it will make us to realise that we had ruined our career and life due to the indulgence in that company. Young age is the perfect case of becoming a prey for the evil people and they trap them in such a polite and friendly manner that the innocent and gullible tender minds do not know that a lot of bad is going to happen to them in the near future. So, it is the duty of the parents to keep a vigil on the ways of their children and should be very cautious on these accounts. God has given us only one chance to be human and live like a good person in the lap of Mother Earth and if we lose that then we do not have another chance. What do you say?
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    Nice advice from the author. If you behave with the like minded people the work would be smooth and the behavior is in good appreciable frame. If you deviate from your own principles and the rules the wrong doers would be entering your life easily and try to overtake your reputation for the toss. Do have company of all but spend time with those who are most intelligent and good and who has the niche to save you and safe you from other evil forces. In this era the most smart were those who are one step ahead then others because they do not have time for the petty politics or playing with the attitude of others and for them their work is the worship and they dedicate fully for the people and cause. And this life is short and not guaranteed. At least we must strive to get good name with four people who could be our pal bearers.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    I agree with the author. Friends, indeed, become the signatures people recognize us whereby. We should select good people for friendship. As parents, we need to realise what our responsibilities are about our small children/teenagers. At this tender age, everything seems to be good for them and everyone is nice for a person in their eyes. They don't differentiate what is right or what is wrong or who are good people and who are bad ones. We have big onus to keep an eye on them also, lest they should become friends of some wrong elements and we have no chance except repentance. Our children are our asset. We must be vigil about them. If we are too much engrossed in our personal activities and neglect what our issues are doing and suppose they go astray we will be held responsible for all that misfortune. We see some young boys and girls were caught by police in a hotel or caught as kidnappers or looters or murderers. Media shows this news. It is also heard that some girls of good families who live in college hostels have been hunted by anti-social elements and these girls for earning extra money fell in the trap of these gangs and begin to do indecent activities which malign the image of their family when they are exposed.
    We are required to be serious on this matter.

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    The author is absolutely right. Human life is very precious and we understand this very well. But still many times waste time unnecessarily. It is very important to understand that the important work which we can do in human life may not be able to be done in any other life, so do as much as you can for the benefit of others that you become an example of humanity. The kind of people we are have a very deep impact on our lives and therefore we need to pay attention to ourselves and our people whether our company is fair or not.
    Swati Sharma

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    Nice advice by the author. It's true that we are know by the company we keep. It's a normal behaviour that we attract to the bad people also as at a young age we don't know what's good and what's bad and till the time we get to know it we are gripped by the bad habits of the person with whom we have been with.

    It's always better not to start the things which our friend/colleague is doing. We must apply our mind first to start anything.

    I have seen many of the youngsters start smoking and drinking alcohol by just seeing their friends doing it as they think they will get pleasure out of it but once they get addicted and see the bad health effect on them they repent for taking up this habit. So in life we must not start the things which our friends do. Also we must timely guide our kids as they are vulnerable.


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    – Mark Twain

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    Nowadays there is a big threat for our children to fall in bad company and I also agree that parents have a big responsibility in this regard and have to protect the children from any evil shadows lurking here and there. There are so many vices in the society like smoking, drugs, drinking, abusing etc and till the children get mature enough we have to protect them.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    If we are in a bad company people will take us as a bad person only. There is a saying Telugu which means that if you drink even milk under a tadi tree other people will think that you are drinking tadi. When you are in a group where all others are smokers, people will think that you are also a smoker. That is why we will get identified by others as a good person or a bad person based on the company we keep.
    So we should select our friends very carefully. Especially it is a big problem for students. They will get attracted easily to bad habits. That will definitely spoil their lives. I know a boy whose family is very rich and he started getting into bad habits. The parents noticed that and admitted into a hostel and a good school. But that never helped him and he got addicted to drinking. He failed in +2 examinations and came back to the parents. Like this, there may be many students who got spoiled because of bad company.

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    Children are admitted in the schools so that the conducive environment prevailing in the atmosphere of school apart from right guidance of the parents can change their future for the better. The adolescent age is very critical in the sense that they are not able to distinguish right and wrong sometimes. They can be trapped with some bad companies where they may pick up bad habits such as smoking, taking liquor or indulgence with smuggling. Initially they cannot identify outcomes for such indulgence. Even parents remain dark initially having the impression that their wards are receiving education in top branded schools. Their activities are not even checked and by the time, some such kids are caught red handed by the Police because of their antisocial activities. Hence parents should closely monitor their wards so that they don't fall prey to bad company.

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