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    Shame your critics with great performance and blacken their face

    When you are right and doing the best job without any mistake or the chance to prove you are wrong, you have every reason to celebrate inside your heart that you have shamed those persons who wants to pull your work and pass the the rave remarks and thus bring bad repute to you. But when you have put the work straight and what ever is happening to your advantage, then the those persons get blackened their face as no force can stop you in giving the best results work wise and thus their evil designs to destabilize your reputation goes for beating.
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    In professional career while working with any organisation or business establishment working staff might have unhealthy competitiveness and bilateral or unilateral rivalry due to any reason , it may be due to close shave of promotion, seeking favour of senior officers or indulging tug of war for seniority. But one who focuses on his work instead of intra trivial politics paves his way to surpass others. Being perfect in performing duty and fulfilling onus makes one closer to management. But when someone has ambience of rivalry in staff he should keep ears and eyes wide open, he might have come across any unexpected punch of grudge out of thin air, which if he fails to face might get fired. How to manoeuvre this situation is his real test.
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    As long as you concentrate on your work without any diversion and show good results, you have chances and scope for a good career. One has to perform well for his own benefit and need not worry about the people who make unnecessary comments or criticise you for no reason. The people who are doing such will be at a loss because they have to spend some time thinking about how to criticise others. That will make them fall behind you and you can progress without bothering about them.
    In the private sector, your work only is the criteria for your career growth. As long as you are delivering and the management is happy with your performance, you need not think about anything else.
    Because of the competition in the working area, people who are not having good skills will try all other sorts of issues which are of no use but a waste of time.

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    I think it is human nature and is a general tendency in most of the people that they envy and have jealousy for others progress and prosperity. If someone is not having it then he is an exception. So a good worker will always be ridiculed by the colleagues on one pretext or other and will be blamed as buttering the management. But the good worker should not bother for these remarks and for the casual description of his working nature by the colleagues because in long run he would be the winner. Ignoring the jealous people and concentrating on ones own work is the real success.
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