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    Be good to at least four people who could be your pal bearers

    It is easy to pick up quarrel and enmity with ease and even part ways for ever but it is very difficult to sustain good relations with people on whom we have trust and belief. Our one mistrust with them would snap the ties for ever. By the way why should we develop hatred with our fellow citizens who are good at their point of view and it has become increasingly important for us to have good relations with at least four persons who could be our pal bearers. So think of this when you pick up quarrel with close ones on petty issues.
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    Every relationship requires understanding and tolerance to sustain it for ages. Sometimes small incidents and trivial issues change into big ones and it results in severing ties or widening gap in relationship. Nobody is perfect , we should not hurt our closed ones. We should ignore their shortcomings and should not change as matter of prestige. Sometimes, while discussing any matter they begin to disagree in a violent manner and when they depart with malice and begin to ignore each other then each of them assumes that he is right why he should initiate to talk, when both of them show this attitude and make small issue as matter of honour their relationship get hurt and This communication gap widens their differences on big scale and in some cases they become enemy to each other and their cordial relations come to an end. They don't speak good about each other. End result is that they lose good friends.

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    The author has rightly said, it is very easy to run away from a relationship by quarreling in a relationship but it is a difficult task to maintain that relationship. In life, we form many relationships and value them. But many times, due to small misunderstandings or our ego, we leave those relationships behind, and after sometimes we realize how important that relationship was. It is natural to have a little conflict in the relationship, this can often be due to differences of opinion, but in such a situation, if we act wisely, then we can maintain our greatest strength which is our special relationship.
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    I beleive that quarrels are normal with the friends but the important is we must resolve it with the time. I have seen many of the good relations break just because the people don't sit together and discuss the issue. To make relationship one needs to be understanding, trustful, compromising and if he/she doesn't have these qualities then the person may not be able to keep good relations with the others. Also one should have the ability to listen to others . Many people just see what they didn't like or felt bad they are not concerned what bad they did to the same person. They have different parameters to measure themselves and others. Such people are not good and we should try not to have friends having such nature. We must remember that relations break within a second but takes lots of time to build it , also when it breaks it becomes more difficult to mend it

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    True and I agree with the author. We require a minimum of four people to carry our dead body to the burial ground. But these days there are vehicles to carry the body to the burial ground and one can get the same by paying money.
    But one should never develop hatred towards anybody and we should try to be good with people. We need not be friends but at least we need not pick up a quarrel with others. As long as we are not losing anything or as long as we are not getting any loss, we should not worry about other people and their actions.
    Sometimes we may get the difference of opinions but that difference should be based on the issues but not on the individual. Never oppose the person but oppose the idea and explain clearly why you are opposing the idea. The opinions should be made based on the issue only. Once you develop this concept you will not have any enemies and you will have many friends only.

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    Even to put the dead body into the last journey van and disembarking needs four people.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Due to the differences between people it is sometimes natural to pick up fight and confrontations among them. They are a part of our lives. But the better would be to resolve them and compromise as early as possible. If we say sorry most of the people forgive and in courtesy they also start telling sorry for their part. Best thing in life is to manage diplomatically and amicably and not to pick up a single fight. But that is not possible for everyone to be so tolerant and judicious. We should try to achieve the goal of minimum fights with our friends and relatives. Keeping cordial relations with others always help in long run. When we have good relations with others then they also reciprocate and start respecting us. That is the essence of good social existence in the world.
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    It is good to keep good relations with people as that makes a big difference when it comes to the matter of getting response from them in case there is a need by us. It is not only the matter of need but for good company also we need people.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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