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    You cannot keep everyone happy

    When someone is in a position to help and favour others in many respect just by virtue of his post or connections and networking then it is obvious that friends, relatives, friends of relatives, friends of friends, all sort of people would approach him for some favour or help. But it is not possible for a person to help everyone and favour everyone and satisfy the persons whoever are coming for help to him. So, gradually many people become dissatisfied and are unhappy with that person though he might have helped many who came to him. Many people in high positions are aware of this fact and keep themselves reserved and aloof so that no one can approach them. That is a kind of strategy they adopt and is required if you want to have peace of mind and no disturbance from the needy people. Whatever be your position or desire to help others it is practically not possible to do so and you cannot keep everyone happy. What is your opinion about this?
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    Trying to keep everyone happy is also not required. We should not hurt others. But we can't help always others so that they will be happy. I have seen people who approach somebody to get some favour, many times. After helping them twice or thrice, if the person is not able to help him the next time. he will forget the first three instances and always refer to the last one and blame the person. So we should not think of helping people to keep them happy. Some people never think they should not approach others for favours. That is why we need not think of being good with all.
    A politician has to think that he has to keep everybody happy till he gets their vote. After elections, he can be happy for 5 years to getting all the people who cast their vote for him, As long as we are not expecting anything from others we need not think of keeping everybody happy.

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