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    We should not abuse our health by indulging in unhealthy practices

    It is said that health is wealth and there is no two opinions about it. When we keep a good health then life is so easy and we can work for long hours, manage with less sleep, go on long journeys without exhausting, enjoy picnics and outings, and do many fun and frolic activities. Life seems to be so beautiful and enjoyable. On the contrary, when we become ill or become weak due to some ailments then we suddenly realise that we are not able to do the work as we were doing earlier and even after a little exertion we feel tired. That is the time when we really realise the value of health in our lives. Should not we care about it when we are well and doing everything so quickly, lightly, and efficiently? I feel during better times we should respect our good health and do not indulge in unhealthy practice like eating junk foods and abusing our health in other ways. What do the members have to say about this?
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    Many people in the society today, take their health very casually and do not bother about it and feel that they would remain energetic like that throughout their lives. This is actually a wishful thinking and has no logic to support it. We cannot predict the next activity of our life as it is unknown and hidden but at least we can take care of our health by adopting good health practices. When we say good health practices, it does not mean that our freedom will be curtailed by adopting that. Good health is only a concept and in many occasions it is nothing but change in lifestyle. It requires a great discipline and self control when we want to change our ways and benefit by it in our health. If today I am healthy it does not necessarily mean that I would remain like that for good. It is not correct to think like that. There are many unknown factors in our lives but some are very common and require to be smoothened out before they trap us in their own world.
    We have a strong culture of meditation, studies in village huts, and other such old things but we always think that they are old fashioned and we have to follow our idols elsewhere like Hollywood or other big people in the world.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Good health is very important in our life. Healthy body keeps us fresh and happy. We have confidence when we have good health. Positive thinking is essential to succeed and positive thinking comes from sound mind and sound mind depends on good health. But many people are careless about their health. They invite diseases because of their bad habits.
    Drug addiction is a serious threat for life. It's not only detrimental for health but also it kills the whole life. The person who is drug-addicted makes his parents' life miserable too. He destroys his career. Once a person becomes drug addicted, then it is very difficult for him to come out of this hell.

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    It is truly said," health is wealth". If health is good then we can enjoy our life. For an unhealthy person, all luxury is of no use. I have seen many people in my life that they had a lot of money but never used it due to ill health. Health is as precious as life. If life is there then the priority should be for good health. Nowadays, people are living a busy life so many of them ignore their health. Some people having bad habit due to which they are being a victim of the disease. We need to be health-conscious more than earlier as our everything is being polluted day by day.

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    Indeed, health is wealth. If we don't choose to take care of our health, everything we do will seem a mere waste. We have to take care of our health without any compromise. Our own body must be worshipped as a temple. One of the necessities of the human body is food. Food is life as it provides energy to do work. Gratitude and reverence must be shown to food when it is served. The second thing is cleanliness which must be done with sincerity and punctuality. And third basic thing is to devote our mind, heart, and soul to the work we do without any kind of pressure or fear. Indeed, there are times when we are broke and don't feel like working. During those times, your body and mind need peace and rest. So, it's wise enough to take a break from work and do what you feel like to do without any kind of hesitation. A short interval of escape will bring back old memories and as we all know, learning and relearning increase the sharpness of memory. People face failure before success.
    If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.

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    Health is very important for an individual to lead a happy life. One may have crores of rupees but if his health is not permitting him to work or live normally, what is the use of having so much money. There will be no happiness for a person if his/her health is not good.
    Prevention is better than cure. So we should take care of our health when we are healthy only. That will make us healthy always and we will have a normal life. As a matter of fact, our habits only will decide our healthy. If we eat healthily and if we have good habits only, our health will be good. Otherwise, we will duffer a lot and we will not have happiness in our lives.
    My father is 87 years old. He is having very good eating habits and he lives with a lot of discipline. That is why he never had any serious health problems so far in his life.

    always confident

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    We should take all sort of precautions so that our health does not deteriorate needing medical attention. If we are the following natural rules such as sleeping in time and gets up in the early morning abstaining alcohol and smoke. It can be said as maintaining healthy practice. While we observe these rules so as to keep ourselves fit. The other element is the elimination of unnecessary stress since it creates havoc on our health.
    We should be a little bit disciplined in respect of our food and it should not be too much spicy and oily so that it does not produce any strain on the digestive system.
    Maintaining a healthy life style does not involve huge expense but once it is derailed, it would be really difficult to manage your expenditure since the expenses of medicines and consultation charges have sky rocketed.

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    There is nothing more than health because if the man has a healthy body then only his mind will be healthy and when both are healthy then the relationship of our life will also be good and our mind remains calm. Health should always be paramount over taste as most people are careless about their health to satisfy their taste. Apart from this, people often ignore health due to their responsibilities and savings, which proves to be harmful to you in the future going forward. It is good to save money but not by negligence in the matter of health. You should consider your health as your biggest asset and take care of your health.
    Swati Sharma

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    One thing is there that if we do not take care of our health in young age then we suffer in the later period. So it becomes absolutely necessary to take care of it.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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