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    People are more interested in improving others.

    We have always heard a saying that if you change then the world will change, which means that if we improve ourselves, we will bring positive changes in ourselves, then the world will change itself.

    But still, people find it more difficult to improve themselves than improving others. And people always get into the crowd to improve themselves later. One small thing is that self-improvement, people find it more difficult to explain and apply in life.

    The day every person in the world accepts that he himself has many shortcomings, first remove them and then give knowledge to others, then perhaps this world will be changed by itself, and you will not have to work hard to improve the world. So do whatever you have to do to improve yourself, perhaps only by doing so, you can contribute to improving the world.
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    It is very easy to give preachings to others but it is very difficult to improve oneself. There are many people who will be doing critical assessment of others and always go on criticising and would tell as what to do and how to do. They will not see what they are doing and how they are functioning in this world and in fact they require a lot of improvement than those whom they are preaching.
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    It is always easy to advise others and say good tips to others for the improvement but when it comes to the self the decision is postponed or differed. Because by advising others we are donning the role of care taker and well wisher by default and that is liked instantly by others. And everyone has whole lots of free tips to advise either got from the legacy or from reading through books. But none would verify the fact that the advise is fact proof and thus the person we feel that he is more cared and looked after. This tendency lies in many people but they are not ready to help themselves fast.
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    The author has raised the issue which I strongly believe in. Who can deny it that before teaching others same teachings should be practiced upon by the teacher, first. This is the best teaching. People are not impressed by any teacher until he himself carries out what he teaches to others. It is very true if anybody starts changing himself the whole world will change .But it is not practically established norm in our ambience. Our ambience is as such that we want to impresse others by pretentious activities. I often think why some people don't use their mind to see what is good and what is bad, rather they see what they are shown and they believe in all that pretentious presentation.
    If I start writing on this issue in this thread some members would definitely dislike it.

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    Advising others and giving suggestions to others is very easy. But implementing the same by ourselves is the toughest job. That is why a politician says, 'Do what I say but don't do what I do'. Practice before you preach is supposed to be the best practice. But who follow this?
    Finding faults and advising them to improve is very easy. But Understanding our own mistakes and correcting them is a very tough task. Only some great people only can do that.
    Oneday a lady with his son came to Sri Rama Krishna Paramahamsa. The mother asked Parahamasa to advise her son not to eat Jaggery. Paramahamsa thought for a while asked the lady to come after a week. Accordingly, she came and Rama Krishna advised the boy not to eat jaggery. After that, the lady asked Paramahamsa why he took one week time? Then he replied that he also had that habit and he wanted to stop eating and then advise the boy.

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    We always like to tell people about what to do and how to avoid certain things. I also do the same all the time, but I do not have any selfish reason.

    I learn daily from what is happening in life. I tell it to my children, my wife, friends and relatives about what I learnt and how to take precautions to avoid the specific problem. I keep it simple and in a friendly tone and do not want any appreciation or benefit. Sometimes they ignore it, and sometimes they ask more or show interest. I always know where to stop a conversation.

    For example, I do online surveys daily, for 1 hour from 7 p. m. to 8 p. m., without fail. I started it for fun, and after some time, I found it dull and time-consuming. But it helped me to earn extra money. In 2016 I lost my business due to demonetisation, and suddenly I run out of cash or income ( In fact I was in debt). That extra money or gift vouchers helped me in a difficult time. What did I learn from this incidence?

    1. Always try for a side hustle to earn extra cash,
    2. By doing surveys, I earn a few point or cash. I get 60 or 70 rupees in an hour. If I can struggle for a few rupees, everyone has to work hard for money and respect it. I do not spend money without thinking. It helps me to increase my saving.

    I try to tell this to everyone who listens.

    We improve ourselves daily because of necessity. We keep changing, and most of the time, it is a positive change.

    So when we find improvement in someone, and he or she wants to share experience, we can listen.

    Someone said:

    "The mind is like an umbrella - it functions best when open."

    Tell me more or write about your stories and experience. I am always listening to someone who wants to help.

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    It's easy to give advice to others and difficult to follow them ourself. People do it often for others. Actually when you are in trouble then you find it difficult to follow the advices whereas the others give advice only considering the physiological factors. People who give advice are not experiencing the pain that the person is going through.

    If all the people follow the advices they give to others then this world would be a better world to live in.


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