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    The candidates of the Public Service Exams are fed up with the commission.

    The MPPSC 2019 examination which was supposed to be held in February 2019 was finally postponed in January 2020, after which the result was not declared for a complete year because a petition related to reservation was filed in the High Court, which is not decided yet.

    However, a few days ago in January 2021, the result of MPPSC 2019 Pre was declared, on the basis of which many children filled the main exam forms and started preparing for the main examination that will be held in March 2021. But a few days ago a petition was again made that the result is not fair because the reservation rules have not been implemented, and due to this petition the result has been put on hold again.

    In this way, the results of the examination for 2019 Pre, which the candidates have been waiting for for a long time, have not been received till 2021. Always such carelessness of Public Service Commission, Government and High Court puts the future of a candidate in danger.

    Are there no rules apply to the commission or government etc. for such negligence. In the same way, the hard work and future of those candidates will remain in the dark, what should be the solution for this problem?
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    I think there has been a political game played through series of petitions to stall the result of the public service exams as it amounts to getting a lucrative govt job and those who feel they are likely to loose chance would file the petition to see that none gets the job. And Indian courts are so slow and lethargic that they would not understand the consequence of the case nor the intentions of the petitioner and keep on postponing the orders of the case and thus the very essence of conducting such exams has been defeated. Down with such delaying tactics from our laws which must be people friendly.
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    Some people with some or the other reason will go to the court and the court will give a stay and that will make the Public Service Commission to wait and postpone the results. In disposing of the case, the courts may be taking more time and Service Commission can't do anything till the court verdict comes. Here I feel courts should dispose of the cases as early as possible without postponing it years together. Then only there will be quick decisions from public service commissions. The very reason for this postponements is nothing but the objections raised by some candidates to delay the issue.
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    It is a serious allegation on Public Service Commision for not following right procedure concerning reservation class. Court does not accept any petition or application until it has some solid and genuine facts, the court discharge the petition or application immediately if it doesnot have fact.The author has raised a genuine concern about students who prepare hard for competions but due to negligence of such Commision they face this problem. I think the court may take such cases on priority. It will help students a lot.
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    It is unfortunate that no one is responsible for the delay in Govt agencies like Public Service Commissions, Courts, and other apex bodies. Even if someone challenges them in a court of law it takes time to find out who is at the fault and as everyone throws the ball in others court the guilty are not punished. So the public is at the receiving end in this matter. The fact is that until the governance in the system is improved nothing is going to happen. I remember one case in which due to some conflict and misunderstanding one of the Govt department withheld the payment of a company and then the case was first refereed to arbitration tribunal where it was given in the favour of the Govt then the company had to move to the court and court found that the payment was unnecessarily delayed by the department and asked to pay it with interest. So the company finally got that after 10-12 years with interest but company had to spend in the court case a lot of amount and in essence the company had tough time. So these things are taken very casually in Govt departments. Thanks to the digital and online technologies that some governance is now coming in these matters due to the transparency in work.
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    Many agencies in the fold of the Govt function like that and take very long time in many decisions even of very important nature. This is either due to the deficiency in the system or the indifference of he employees working there but it is common in Govt sector. Many people believe that if you go to Govt for some approval or permission it would take a long time until you grease the hands of some employees to get it on fast track.
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