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    Does the effect of aura really affect others?

    I have read many such articles in some books and have also seen many videos in which the effect of the aura is described. According to them, our thoughts, our actions and our emotions create an aura around us, which affects others also.

    It is also known that people who have good feelings for everyone, their aura is positive and those who have bad feelings like anger, jealousy, etc. have negative energy with their aura, so when such people come in our contact, then we feel the negativity. On the other hand, when people with a positive aura are with us, we feel happy and the whole environment around them becomes positive.

    Does the other person's aura really affect our thoughts, or do only our positive or negative thoughts affect us? What is your opinion and experience on this. Have you ever found someone's company that makes you feel positive or negative?
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    Good thread initiated by the author and it is the fact that those who are good at information and knowledge and have the zeal to share with others would always spread the aura of positive energy that would be ever lasting. I went to one of the house and at the entrance room a big vessel was kept with lotus blooming in its own beauty and the fragrance of incense stick added to the ambience and thus for a minute I thought I was in a different world and when the house hold came with a coffee in her hand has proved that they are very positive energy people and does not want other to waste time for them.
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    Aura itself stands for affecting the people they are adhered to. If we stay for a long period in company of bad people their badness, undoubtedly, affect us and when we spend our time with good people we feel goodness in us when we depart from them.
    Negativity of thoughts is harmful for negativity-bearer also, as negativity spreads more quickly than positivity.
    I have myself experienced this, sharing my time with ignorant people affects me, However, in least quantity though, but it does. So, I prefer staying alone to staying for a few minutes with them. Even reading books also leave a big impact on our mind, no matter how much knowledgeable we are and no matter how much strong our thinking is, a book is going to affect our mind and polish or stain our mindset too. Therefore, we should choose good books for reading too.

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    Whether we call it aura or the induction effect in the vicinity of such people, it is true that one feels happy and positive near some people while feels sad and frustrated in some other company. It might have some connection with the company of like minded people as in that case one enjoys the company much. It is also to be understood that there are some people who put up their points very empathetically and firmly and back up it with their background information. People easily come under the spell of these influential people and probably that is the force of attraction that makes us to respect them and may be talk to them seeing their smiling face.
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    I think there will be definitely some effect. When people around us talk negatively, we will also become negative. If the people around us are having bad habits, we may also get into those habits. It is easy to get bad habits but difficult to practice good habits.
    Some elders always try to create some fear among their kids. That is never advisable. Such acts affect the mentality of the children very much. They will become fearful even after they grow big. So elders should never make the kids get fear.
    Similarly, the stories the elders tell their kids will have good morals and by hearing them children may also start practising those moral acts. That will make them good citizens. That is why the parents should tell good stories to their kids and highlight the moral in the story.

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    If you move along the like minded people and also with positive people then definitely it makes a difference in our lives as we also pick up good things from them. So keeping good company is a must if we want to improve.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Interesting thread indeed. Yes our vibes affect the entire environment we live in. Aura is the energy circle that surrounds every creature on Earth. The higher we tend to expand them, the larger it gets and reaches others. I have read many testimonials of people who have expanded their aura through meditations. Studies say that an aura lasts for about 10 to 30 minutes in an average depending upon the level of meditations. In general, our thoughts has an inevitable connect with the vibes we spread. It is said that, if we try to spread more happiness and positivity, our aura tends to stay longer with us. It is always better to be away from the ones who talk negatively, since our developed thoughts
    on them may crumble our inner peace.

    Some of us even feel that a whole day getting upset on hearing something negative very first in the morning, so our elders at home would postpone in conveying such matters that are bad early in the morning, unless it is way too important.

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