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    Are we really satisfying the elders remembering them on Shraadh day?

    In Brahmins we have the compulsions to observe the rituals pertaining to the anniversary of elders especially the parents on the Thithi day called Shraadh day. The rituals last for two hours and culminate with food offering for at least two persons who are supposed to the be representatives of our Pithurus or the forefathers and after they have taken the food and given with Dakshina or cash offerings, we would eat the food and that would be by mid day. By observing such strict rituals are we really satisfying our elders who are no more with us?
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    These are all the matters of belief only and if one does not believe in these rituals then doing it is just for show off in society. These rituals and customs have great history. In old times there used to be a social system in which Brahmins were supposed to do the formalities connected with the rituals at the time birth, death, marriage, or any other function or religious observations in the family. So, they were facilitating us in getting these things done through them in a precise and prescribed manner. In lieu of their service we were giving them some money or material. So, this was a good way of giving a livelihood to the Brahmins and remembering the ancestors in a beautiful manner. Practically what we were doing was a type of donation to the Brahmins within the ambit of those prescriptions. No one knows whether it satisfied to our ancestors or not.
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    When we don't care for the elders when they are alive, what is the use of feeding somebody on the name of our elders? But the only thing is on their name two people are getting food for a day. In olden days many Brahmins were poor and on the name of Shraadh day, two Brahmins were getting satisfied. That is how this practice was started, I suppose?
    These practices are good. Because of this at least people are remembering their elders. Otherwise, they don't even remember their names even. In some areas of Andhra Pradesh, not only Brahmins but also other caste people also donate raw foods to some Brahminas on the Shraadh day of their elders.

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