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    You are being watched for displaying belongingness at work

    In a private company the performance alone matters and those who are in the important seat of customer relations and customer retain ship are closely watched by the management as to how the things are unfolded and how the complaints are reduced to bare minimum or nil. No company would be happy to be blamed on social media or social network for bad product and bad after sales service and thus important employees who are involved with damage control exercise are given sweeping powers to deal with customers instantly.
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    When an employee is not feeling the belongingness. he can't perform well. That is the main difference we see in a private company and a PSU. In a PSU, generally, the CEO will be an IAS officer and he may be getting transferred frequently. So the CEO will never own the organisation. But in a private company, the CEO will be investing his own money and that will make him feel the belongingness. He will oversee the functions of all the keys employees and if they are not performing well, they will be warned and suitable action will be initiated. People who work with dedication will see that the company will grow and that will ensure their progress also.
    In a private company, an employee will always feel that is his work and he has to finish that work. That will ensure that there will not be any pending work. People who never keep the work pending will be rewarded suitably also. The bosses will be observing the works of their juniors and reward them suitably.

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    Every employee in an organization is under the watch of the management. The management is there to look after the well-being of the employees as well as the growth of the organization and they need to report all these things to the higher-ups. Whatever may be the product, since the end-user is the customer addressing any issue regarding the product faced by the customers is of prime importance. If the goodwill of the company is hampered in any way it will lose its customer and there will be a decline in the growth. In this competitive market, there is no monopoly and every company is trying to attract customers in various ways. They constantly update their strategies and improve their products so that the customers do not remain dissatisfied with the product. If the customers face any difficulty or there is a complaint about the quality of the products it has to be dealt with in a specific timeframe and should be done in such a way that the customers can feel that the company is equally concerned for the customers. Those in the company dealing with these sensitive issues cannot lose their cool and misbehave with the customers and for that, they are closely watched by the management.

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    A private company is run for profit and profit is gained when good services are provided to customers. When customers are satisfied with the services of the company business boosts up. Promotion and increments in salaries depend on the performance of employees. Therefore, hardworking employees can progress in any company. Public relation department is to hear to customers what they have to say. They might have complaint too, which are to be taken care of and all the genuine complaint are to be resolved by PRO on a priority basis.

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    Yes! the topic is very much relevance to every Industry. Customer satisfaction is the main goal to sustained in long run. Therefore quality of services or product quality should be maintained by them. Accordingly the key personnel who are associated with the respective task should conduct their duty is such a way that should be at par with the expectation. For the reason there is a system of Delegation of power (DOP) in every Industry formulated in such a manner that every Employee is authorized to operate their power to their extent and equally they are all responsible for that. And this DOP are existing in all Private and Public Sectors Enterprises. Hence they are watched by their performance also. If their performance is not up to the marks ,they shall not be considered for career growth, future prospect etc. So a Industry is managed them self by the rules and regulations.
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    In a good private company the seniors will always have a watch on the subordinates in many respects and will keenly observe their contributions for the organisation in some areas like damage control or customer satisfaction or employee discipline or anything which is equally important. Depending on the observations the worth of the subordinate is assessed and that definitely is a prime factor for his or her future career in the organisation. That is the reason why intelligent people work very cautiously and precisely in private companies to bring themselves in good books of the management and reap the benefits out of it.
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    Whether it is a Govt or private organisations the top people are always observing the subordinates for so many things as they have to make their assessment not only in the year end for writing a confidential report but for awarding them also if they are really very good in their work. So definitely people would be observing what and how we are accomplishing the assigned jobs.
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