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    Respect others to be worthy of honour and respect

    Respecting and honouring others lifts a person to a great stature in society. People respect and honour the person who is humble and honouring others. A dignified person always helps others and feeds poor and needy people. Be it a teacher, parents or elderly people in society, such a person respects everyone. His manners attract people towards him and people hold him in high esteem in society. When people respect each other, it brings prosperity and develops confidence in each other. It is important to give admiration and respect others to be worthy of honour and respect!
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    Respecting others reciprocate in the same way. I have experienced it with strangers or unknown people. If you start paying greetings to them whenever you pass by them they begin to ask about you if anyone knows about you and they even discuss about in your absence because you are not known to them , neverrheless you pay greeribgs ri these strabgers and they begin to have a soft corner for you.
    In our normal life showing respect for Any person always benefits us They have a good opinion us and if we need their help in any occasion they will try to help us out.

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    Give respect and take respect goes the popular saying and it does have lots of meaning. I have seen in one family that the grand mother used to call the grand children with most respect and this legacy is passed on to them so nicely that they have become big now and they call and others with great respect. Elders calling a young one with respect is something never heard and never seen but that trait is really appreciable as the children would know how to give respect to others. I have also seen a family in which the children call their parents by name and that is very bad character because the parents have pampered the child to such extent that they failed to give respect to them and the same child is now habituated to call everyone by name no matter they are elders and seniors. That parents are now hesitating to bring the child to social gatherings.
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    That is true. Our behaviour only will bring us respect. When a person is in power, people may respect him because of his position. But if he is not behaving good, once he is out of power nobody will care for him. But if the same person behaves well with other people irrespective of his position, people will remember for long and respect him.
    If you have the tendency of helping others when they are in need and if you never talk rudely with people and if you respect others, you will be treated as a gentleman and people in society will respect you.
    I know a teacher who used to take tuitions to students without taking even a single paise. He used to talk to the students very nicely and he used to explain the points very clearly. Many of his students are in a good position. In 2019, old students of that school facilitated that teacher and expressed their gratitude to the teacher. That is how a person gets respect from others.

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    Every person wants to respect and also expects other people to respect him/her but when it comes time to give respect to others, then people start hesitating. Some people even respect the person in front of them, but at times they feel smallness in respecting them and for this reason, they show their own ego in front of others. If the word 'honor or respect' is not related to age and if it is done with the deeds of the person, perhaps the value of the word 'honor or respect' will increase further. The respect that we give to our elders is important because it is an indicator of our duty and values, but if a younger person also does a big deed, then he/she should be respected.
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    It is said that courtesy begets courtesy and respect is commanded and not demanded. Until we respect others there is no way to get respect from them. Every person has his or her individuality and when we respect that individuality then he feels that he is worth of it so even if he does not deserve that respect he feels elated and good by the respect bestowed on him by the fellow beings. So we have to be slightly careful and cautious in respecting others and if the person does not deserve it then we have to be alert in the sense that we should avoid unnecessary flattering which may mislead him in thinking that he is a good person. So when we encounter with a bad person we have to indicate him that we are not happy with the ways he is living in the society and want him to get improved or rectify his ill actions. So in such cases our responsibility is to make aware him of his deficiencies without any hitch and if we are not courageous to do so, ignore him. So, the essence of the matter is that we have to respect and be cordial only with the deserving ones and should not treat every Tom, Dick, and Henry in the same way.
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    It is a matter of give and take. If we respect others then only we can get respect from other people. Our behaviour, manners, and concern are the primary things that decide our relationships with other people and if we really want to be popular or think that people should respect us then we have to sacrifice for it and should have a down to the Earth approach and helping nature.
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