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    Have you ever felt uneasy when you had to sleep in a new place?

    Have you ever felt uneasy when you could not sleep properly in a new place? Whenever you go to a new place like a friend's house, hotel or any other city, you may not be able to sleep properly on the first night because half of our mind is awake and alert at that time. That is because half of our brain is ready for any problems that may come up because the mind is not familiar with the new place at all. As we know that there are many animals which keep half of their mind alert while they sleep. The study says that this does not happen to everyone but it has happened to me twice. Has this happened to you?

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    I think it's common to all and sundry. When we sleep somewhere else we find it difficult to sleep. It's not confined to staying at any other home and where we have to sleep, I say even if you sleep in any other room in the same building of yours, probably, you will not sleep comfortably as you sleep on your bad.
    But after a day or two, we get accustomed to that place also.

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    Fortunately I am so lucky to have sleep within no time no matter I am traveling, or in my house or in other place. My body and timing of sleep is toned in such a way that i get sleep automatically and I would also wake up in time. For me the outside disturbance does not matter. During Deepavali also the cracker bust sound would not deter me to have sound sleep. The train moving sounds during the night would not disturb me nor I have disturbance to sounds of television running later night at home. What I want to convey here to the author that if we keep the time table of sleep daily that would prompt or alert your body to keep ready for the task. But I have seen people asking for same comfort and arrangements of sleep even at the other homes and that cannot be possible at all and thus does not get sound sleep.

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    If the day is good, I will not have any problem to get the sleep in the night. I never bother about the place. I will get into sleep very fast even in a new place. But if there are any problems during the day and if we are not able to find a solution during the day time and we may have to wait for the next day, I am a different man. I will not get sleep even in my bedroom. I have to spend the whole night without sleep. Some times even small problems also make me worry a lot. That night will be a nightmare for me. I go on thinking about that problem only.
    As mentioned by the author, many people say this, when we go to a new place, they will be more cautious and they will have a fear that something unknown may happen. With that thought, they will not get sleep. This all depends on the psychology of the individual. Some people will get habituated to go to different places and they have to spend a night in new places. They will get accustomed to that and they will sleep normally in a new place also,

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    Generally, I do not have the habit of sleeping during the day, so I sleep very well at night and I can sleep comfortably at any new place. The only thing I need to sleep is 'Night'. I sleep early at night and wake up between 5 and 5:30 in the morning, I don't even need an alarm because now I'm used to it, maybe the biological clock could be one of the reasons. So I never have any sleep problems due to changing location. I have only a slight problem with the light. If there is a bright light in the room then it takes me a little longer to fall asleep but still my waking time is fixed which does not change.
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    After marriage I had only few occasions to sleep in other people's homes. I ensure to make it a very short period of stay. But I had spent many occasions in Hotels while on tour and travel, pilgrimage etc. I admit that I do not get sleep easily in such situations and even if I get I do not get a deep sleep in such occasions. The exceptions may be in hotel rooms where I am familiar and feel safe and comfortable, having stayed earlier and on times when I get tired after a hectic day' s itinerary.

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    My sleep is not related to the new place or environment. It is upto my physical and mental condition. I would get into sleep anywhere. Generally, I don't go to sleep while travelling due to the engine noise and the jerks. But, if I am physically tired and mentally worried, I would go to sleep immediately after closing my eyes.
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    I am already having a disturbed sleep due to many health concerns. In such a condition if I go out (though I go out of the town very very occasionally) to other places for a night stay I usually get more disturbance in my sleep. I do not know the reasons for that but it had happened with me many times and I have developed an associated fear with this sleep thing whenever I have to leave the station.
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    As far as my sleep pattern is concerned, I don't have any issue. Since as soon as I go to bed at night, I immediately go in the sleep cycle. It maintains continuity and in the morning at 5.30 am sharp, I feel refreshed when I wake up. I am satisfied with the regularity of sleeping behaviour. But upon changing the place even in my residence or changing the city and relocating myself in any hotel, I cannot enjoy this pattern of sleep.

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    Whether I remain in house or go to a different place my sleep pattern remains same and does not change. There are some people who complain that they want a particular environment for getting an undisturbed sleep in time but I do not have any such experience.
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    I face problems if I have to sleep in new locations. Even in my own house, if I change the room for sleeping, I feel a bit uneasy. I am facing this problem for quite a long and still, it is there. I avoid sleeping in the afternoon to have better sleep but this also does not help me.

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