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    The difference between similar and like-minded

    I am not going to ask you whether you found a group of like-minded people or not. Neither am I going to ask you what similarities you have with your best friend. Everybody is unique and think in her/his own ways. If there is any similarity between the activities and liking/disliking of another person it becomes easier to make a friendship with the other person though it is not always necessary to have a lot of similarities between friends. On the other hand, you call like-minded people to those who have a similar thought process. Similarity and similar thought process are quite different. The similarity is related to some features and very much associated with taste and choice of people. A similar thought process is something where there is a match in frequency; I mean the way you think matches with that of others. It is purely related to the logical process with which we analyze things. For example, aligning oneself with a political party or a movement is because of finding a group of like-minded people. People in that group may not have enough similarities in their personal choices but their mind almost works in the same way when they analyze the same set of problems. Isn't it so?
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    I think The the author has successfully explained the difference between similar and like-minded. Thanks for sharing.

    Generally, friendship develops between like minded people despite not having similarities in their traits, life style, appearance or hobbies too but since they think in a similar way they come closer to each other as a friend. But one thing is sure if besides being likeminded their other things are quite identical they become bosom friends too. And for having a close friendship both of these qualities become essential for their long lasting friendship.

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    Similarity and like minded are two different traits and that cannot be compared not given right explanation. Similarity can be possible with twins by birth and their actions are liked to be same and both of them would having same thought process and does want to do same thing at a time. But like minded are those who are different from various points of view but when it comes to general perceptions they seems to agree or tow the line of acceptance. May be for this reason we find like minded parties group together before elections and form a alliance no matter they are divided by many issues. While the similarity people would have large consensus and even agreements on many matters the like minded people may not have overwhelming consensus on issues which are against their policies and programs already set in.
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    Like-minded people can become good friends. They may think similarly on an issue because they are like-minded. The thought process of these persons may be the same.
    The similarity is nothing do with like-minded. There may be people who are similar in their tastes, likings and others. But they may not think similarly. They are similar but not like-minded. People who are similar and who are also like-minded may become close friends. Their friendship may go for a long way because the difference in opinions may not come among them easily.
    Own brothers and sisters may appear similar but they may not think alike. They need not be like minded.

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    We use similar when we are sure that the two entities are like each other in all respect and can be substituted for each other in case one is not available. For example a worker might be doing very good and there is another one who is also doing very good so if one goes on leave we can substitute him with the other one. Like minded is used when we compare the traits and ideologies of two persons and there is some matching between them broadly and do not have many things of conflict and confrontation between them and most of the times they endorse each others views. So, people generally make friendship with like minded ones.
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