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    Do you welcome vote from anywhere proposal by EC?

    The election commission of India has done two wonderful things in its new proposals. The one the digital issue of electronic voting cards to the voters and second being vote from anywhere of the country proposal which is a very constructive decision why because none can now escape the voting citing that they are not in the city or town. That means voting percentage is going to increase tremendously and there cannot be proxy vote or misuse of voting in future. What is your reaction on this new proposals and do you welcome these steps.?
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    India is the biggest beneficiary of the online digital advancements and the concrete example is IT department. My friend submitted his IT return in the first week of January and he got his refund within 15 days. He was surprised. Long back we never got our returns as it required us to make a few rounds of the local IT department and after a lot of requests it took years to get a case resolved. That is the biggest difference between the automated computerised systems and manual working. Of course atomisation creates unemployment. That is inevitable. Now the election commission is embarking upon an ambitious digitisation programme in the election process and it will eventually help a good party to win as fraudulent practices would be reduced. I applaud this initiative of the election commission. Computerisation and digital servicing can only reduce the corruption in this country.
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    It is good to go digital in elections also. Now everywhere we see automation and inline activities. Earlier days to open an FD in a bank, you may be making rounds to the bank. But now you can book FD online from your computer by opting out for online banking. Like this, we see many developments because of the digital medium.
    If the election process is also becoming online and you are getting your digital voter card and if you can vote from anywhere in India, really it is very beneficial. As mentioned by the author the voting percentage may increase. If a system of voting from your house comes, it will further increase the percentage of voting. I am confident that a day will come when people need not go to the polling booth and stand in line for casting their vote. The technology is developing fast.

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    I think this is avery good move and it will help in removing some frauds and manipulations by people in remote places and villages where there had been cases of rigging and like that. It would definitely help in avoiding those types of things.
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