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    The importance of votes is limited to the elections only.

    Our constitution gives us the right to vote so that we can choose our representative who can put our side in the decisions of the country, but do we really know the importance of our votes. Even today, there are many people who consider the vote as only a duty and many people have no meaning even with the result. There are some who do not even go to vote. Due to all these, today, on January 25, the National Voter Day is celebrated every year so that the public can be made aware.

    Voting is not just a duty, but it's our contribution to the progress of the country, so we should consider it not only a fundamental right but a responsibility to be a citizen towards the nation, only then, we can become a true patriot.

    But then a question comes that the vote has any value because this value is only understood until our leader wins. Once an election is held, the vote or voter may not have any value. Is Voter day just to make voters aware, or does it also teach leaders about our voting rights?
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    Voting is the basic right of every citizen of a country. Every individual has the power to choose his/her representative without any kind of pressure or fear. The arrangement is made such no one gets to know who voted for whom until and unless the individual himself/herself lets others know his/her choice. But, many people are dubious and as a result, they sideline themselves and go against voting. They are critical of the result. Also, there's a big issue with politics is that political members try to brainwash common people's minds for political gain. These members are only concerned with getting elected and coming to power. After the election is over, they misuse political power for the fulfillment of ulterior motives. So, it's very difficult to trust their credibility. Many times, good political members who have gained the trust and public support with their past glorious works are voted out due to a shortage of votes or by some malicious activity or reasons.
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    How many voters know about voters day? Hardly few. I was not aware that such a day is celebrated . I know one thing that we should use our right of vote. But now vote has become a fomality only. There is no value of vote until we the right of recall. By this right we can get our MLA and MP called back if they don't work for people. Once they are elected then they forget their voters and become inaccessible like kings .

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    I never know that there is one such day. Anyhow, it is good to know about this. Today only I came to know about it and today is the 11th voters day of India. The theme of this day for this year is 'Making Our Voters Empowered, Vigilant, Safe and Informed'.
    The very purpose of this day is to bring awareness among the voters about the importance of voting power and what value one's vote is having. Many of the voters never understand the value of their vote. They may not even think for a while before voting about the candidate and the party. They go by some affiliations and other petty things which are never equivalent to the vote.
    January 25th is the foundation day of election commission of India. That is why this day is marked as voters day. The election commission was established in the year 1950. But voters day is being celebrated from 2011 only. I wish all the members of ISC a happy voters day.

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    On this National voters day my hearty congrats and best wishes to all those eligible voters who are now being bestowed with choice of electing a formidable govt or rejecting it . Only our country is largest democracy in the world and we believe the politicians every year for his gimmicks and doing nothing . However every voter feels elated on the voting day but later he is squarely forgotten.
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    Voting is a very important activity and it is obvious that it has a great value for the person who is fighting in the election process for the coveted seats. At the same time it is important for us also as we have to select a good candidate who is serious about the development of the country. So, it becomes very important to give our vote to a worthy candidate and not simply waste it.
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    The point raised is a valid one. In 2019, the percentage of votes polled is less than 70%. The voters are not realising the value of the vote which will shape their lives for the coming five years and maybe after-effects for a long time. The lesser percentage of voting does not give a truly representative people's government. The voters should realise the importance and vote without fail in the elections.
    The duty of the voter does not end with voting in the election. They have to see that the elected representative is responsible to them and reflect their views in the Assembly or Parliament, whichever it may be. The general trend is that the elected representatives are remaining loyal to their party but not to the aspirations of the public that voted for them. The public should be aware of this and question the elected member whenever their views are not reflected. I have seen some of our members arguing that once a representative is elected, whatever he does is correct as he is elected by the voters. The loyalty to the party is making the elected members support the party even when the decisions that are taken run contrary to the interests of certain sections of the public. The performance of the elected representatives is to be assessed from time to time and taken to task whenever the necessity arises.

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