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    Academic Conversation Contest - Winners!

    Before announcing the winners, we take a moment to thank all the members who have participated in the academic conversation contest. We expected a lot of entries but it was a big disappointment. Members, we spend our valuable time and schedule contests only for the benefit of you all. So, we request you to not let go of our work in vain. Utilize the opportunities by participating in future reward programs enthusiastically.

    For the conversation contest, we have received only 8 entries, out of which many were on the canteen menu and the laboratory safety regulations. Since we have got only a few entries, the number of prizes to be given for the contest has been reduced.

    Keeping the contest rules and guidelines in mind, we have decided to give rewards to the following winners.

    Neeru Bhatt will get a cash prize of Rs.100/- for her formal conversation on hostel maintenance issues and Shampa Sadhya will receive a cash prize of Rs.75/- for her gentle discussion on the canteen menu. All the other participants will be awarded a few cash credits and enhanced points for their submissions in the contest thread.

    Congratulations to all the winners!
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    It is to congratulate the winners of the Academic Conversation Contest. The selection is in line with my prediction. I wish and hope that the winners will continue their good work and win many more prizes in the coming contests. I wish them all the best.
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    Many congratulations to both winners of the contest. Your academic conversation is appreciable, wish you all the best for many more rewards in the future.
    Swati Sharma

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    Congratulation to the winners of the Academic Conversation Contest- Neeru Bhatt and Shampa Sadhya.

    I was having some other engagements at my home for last about two weeks. As I did not get any impromptu trigger and idea, I did not venture further as I could not spare time for deep thinking and preparation in that regard.

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    Hearty congrats to Neeru Bhatt and Shampa Sadhya for winning the contest. What I really appreciate is the contest author's efforts put in to evaluate the answers within 24 hrs after locking the contest thread. I too wonder why the responses to this contest were less with just eight entries. Anyway, something is better than nothing. Editor Soundharya should organize such contests once in a month. And she should participate in forum as an active member. She is missing from the ISC forum.
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    My heartiest congratulation to both the winners of the Academic Conversation Contest. I hope that winners will continue their work and win many more prizes. Well done. Keep it up.

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    If I remember we had a conversational contest last year also and from that experience it was easy to participate in this one and it was encouraging that many entries were there. Now the results are announced and I congratulate these two winners of the contest for their outstanding contributions and wish them similar success and accolades in their future endeavours in this educational portal.
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    Congrats to Neeru and Shampa for winning the formal conversation and the gentle discussions in the ISC's academic discussion contest and both have done their best.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Congratulations to the winners Neeru and Shampa and all the participants for taking part in the competition. As mentioned about the disappointment of participation and thoughts or comments given by other members, there are times when we are busy with some other works and cannot come up with good thoughts or ideas. Many must have tried but due to their busy schedule, they could not participate. I do understand that a lot of hard work goes behind organizing any contest and it is disheartening to see few members participating. I hope, members will take an active part in the coming contests.
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    I thank ISC for the award given to me and at the same time congratulate Shampa Sadhya for her outstanding contribution and her award. Let us all keep contributing our good work in this site.
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    The result of this contest is very quick. Congratulations to Neeru and Shampa for their respective prizes. I could not participate for some reason but I appreciate the efforts made by all the participants.

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    My congratulations to Neeru Bhatt and Shampa Sadhya for winning prizes in the Academic Conversation Contest. Both the conversations are quite interesting. My best wishes to all the other participants too.

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    Congratulations to Neeru Bhatt and Shampa Sadhya for winning prizes in the Academic Conversation Contest. Well done and keep it up.

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    Hearty congratulations to Neeru Bhatt and Shampa Sadhya for emerging as winners in this Conversation contest! Well done both of you.

    Not to discourage anyone but just to make a point, I feel that a casual approach was visible in some entries which should not be the attitude. It may be because they were submitted in a hurry but again, I think enough time was given to the members to think and prepare their entries well. No offences meant, this is just my personal observation.

    The cash rewards and points to the winners have been credited.

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    My hearty congratulations to Neeru Bhatt and Shampa Sadhya for being selected for top cash prizes in the Academic conversation contest. I also congratulate all other participants who have received cash credits.

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    Congratulations to Neeru Bhatt and Shampa Sadhya for winning the conversation contest.

    Soundharya's pointer about too few entries will hopefully push more members to participate in contests. It would also be nice, too, if editors participate as well, not only in contests but also in forum discussions at least once a week if personal and professional commitments do not give them time to be more regular. Must communicate this request to them!

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    Congratulations to Neeru Bhatt for winning the contest. I am thankful for my award. It was interesting to write a conversation. Best of luck to all for the future contests.

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