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    No holiday for Republic day in many companies

    Though the Republic day, Independence day, May day and Gandhi Jayanthi are the four national holidays to which every worker, labors must get the break and celebrate the day. But most of Industries and companies are not observing the holiday tomorrow and thus the employees are denied of one national holiday and it seems the labor inspectors who are suppose to impose the holiday for strict are seems to be indifferent and thus who to complaint for this and who will take action is the big question with every worker. What is your view.
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    Even in Labour laws, there is a provision that if it is unavoidable one can work on the public holidays also. But there are special rules for payment of higher OT than normal OT that is being paid to employees on other days. So working on 26th Journey is not against law but if the employer is not paying the correct amount as OT.
    In continuous process plants also work can't be suspended for a day in between, In those plants also people has to go for work and payment will be made accordingly.
    But earlier days all shops which were doing trading were getting closed on these public holiday days. But recently all the establishments are getting opened on republic day also. How it is justifiable I don't know.

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    May Day has nothing to do with the national festivals. Only Republic day, Independence Day and Gandhi Jayanti are national festivals. May Day comes from Europe. It has nothing to do with Indian festivals, however, now it is celebrated all over the world as Christmas or new year or Valentine day are celebrated.
    I don't know if all establishments should be closed on national festivals. I think it is not mandatory for people to close their business establishments because market is also not closed.

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    I do not know whether this is happening to the organizations, the author mentioned in this thread, this year only or it's a trend going on for years. If it's particularly happening this year then I would say there are enough reasons for that. As Dr Rao has already mentioned about the provisions in labour laws where workers need to work on holidays in certain circumstances, we need to remember the present pandemic situation all over the world and also the loss of business days during lockdown. Things are not normal and people are also impatient. So, if certain companies feel that they need to work more to make up the loss then they may ask their employees to work even on holidays. It all depends on the impending situation.

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    In Govt establishments Republic day is a holiday. But private companies do not take it seriously because for them one day work also makes a difference. So, they take a chance by not announcing a holiday on this day and just go on working. If there is a complaint they will close the company on that day. If employees are happy with increased overtime and no complaint is there, they go on continuing their work.
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    Today my office has worked and we had hectic duty too.
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