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    Why some people don't see the light of justice

    Feeling let down after reading a news story about a student activist who died while waiting for trial for 6 years under UAPA. The victim had heart and brain ailment who died of these ailments in a hospital where brain surgery was performed and family members were not informed about the surgery. Can the system be this cruel? I know this is not the only case, many didn't see the light of justice which is making me restless and disappointing. Can you believe another person was released after 23 years when the court declared him innocent after 23 years in jail and ordered his release him? What about 23 years that he spent in jail. These are not fairy tales but incidents actually happening in the country which don't see the light of justice!
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    Unfortunately the law is very slow and stand still in some cases and we have seen some cases dragging to over 25 years for want of witness dispose, multiple petitions hearing and thus the very essence of the case is lost when the case is dragged too much and even the real sequence of the things that happened are likely to be forgotten. One thing is sure some cases are dragged for no reason and simply dates are given. Some cases are shifted to the Lok Adalats that meet regularly every month to cancel the cases. But that is also not identifying the right people who have changed inside the jail and got the salary for the work done Most of them are feeling sulking and not ready to tak to tlk to others as their fate hangs in balance with no sure date of future ad keep on postponing the dates for years together.
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    It looks quite weird and scary. A person spends 23 years in prison for no crime and acquired without proven guilty. Why the court does not punish those officials who enmeshed him for committing no crime and destroyed his whole life. What may be the compensation or expiation for deprival of him of enjoying his young age? Nothing can retrieve it. It makes us hopeless and disappoints.
    Some other similar incidents have come in my cognizance. Why is this injustice not crushed at the beginning itself? The court or government is expected to rejig the whole dispensation.

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    These things happen due to bad governance in the system and indifference of Govt employees whether they are working in a secretariat or jail administration or police or civil authorities or even judiciary. Interesting thing is that we do not work in cohesion and ask evidence for everything. Court will only act on evidences and if they are destroyed by the cunning and clever ones then court would become blind to justice. Courts also have their own limitations. Judges might want to help the innocent and gullible but in absence of the evidences cannot do anything. That is why when police and ED go to catch a person taking bribe from someone then those cash notes are powdered before hand so that the evidence remains. In encounter deaths there is no evidence whether police did it intentionally or not. So that is the system that is prevailing and some innocents and gullible might be rotting in the jails. Very true. There are human welfare organisations who talk of so many things but are not able to address these subtle but important things.
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    Such reports are very sad because even when injustice is found in the name of justice, human trust seems to end with justice. In today's time, people are engaged in buying everything by applying the price of everything, and today justice is also becoming one of the same things. The main problem is that despite knowing everything, but people are not able to do anything because corruption has increased so much that every person is vulnerable. Even after awareness, when injustice is done to someone, all other people express a bit of grief and express sadness but nothing can be done against that injustice. A man who spends his half of his life in jail without any doing crime is such a piece of sad news. Such issues are often discussed and questions arise in everyone's mind regarding justice, but these questions are suppressed only with the discussions and we cannot find the real answer.
    Swati Sharma

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    As matter of fact, such issue is due to the slow nature of justice in our country. Some people who deserve punishment will be roaming on the road by getting bail and some innocent people will be suffering inside the prison for years together.
    The mental agony a person suffers when in prison without committing any mistake is really intolerable. That to spending 23 years of productive years in jail is a real worry.
    There are many issues in Indian governance. Politicians play a very important role and they manage the things in such a way that the culprits also will be free and the blame will be thrown on some innocent person. The administration should be transparent and the people in the power should not take any sides and see that people who are right will not get into trouble.

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